Advice Please

Advice Please
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As Xmas is looming I hope Santa Claus is going to be nice to me. I have a Windows 10 system at home. Can you guys please advise me what I need to add to my present list to finally kick start my home recording career, using a laptop? I’ll mainly be using my bass and I already have a DI box…

Reasonably priced items, please

Thank you,

One frustrated independent musician!


Hey man. You need a Daw. Copy of Reaper? $60?

Interface - Focusrite Scarlet. Either a 2i2 or a 4i4…depending on how many mics you’ll need.

Speakers - Anything you can get a good deal on. Mono price makes an ultra affordable pair. KRK, JBL, Tannoy, Yamaha, and M audio all have some usable budget line stuff.

Mic - The Rode stuff is really popular…and quite inexpensive. Also that Audio Technica 4040 seems to be awfully good for $300.


I haven’t kept up with how interface drivers are doing with Windows 10 now, but earlier on the older interfaces were not getting timely driver updates by their manufacturers. I assume that’s gotten better, but check the specs before buying one to make sure there are drivers for Windows 10 that are working without bugs.


Thanks for the advice mate… It’s mainly going to be used for recording basslines, as my voice is no way good enough for vocals!