Adult Colour's cover of Pony by Swirlies

This mix is for a local band, Adult Colour. They’re a shoegaze (ish) band that just got a drummer, so now they have acoustic drums instead of percussion loops. You can stream their album Prom Set to get a feel for some of their earlier work with another studio, though this song has a more acoustic feel than what they’ve typically done in the past. Any thoughts on tweaks to make?

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I want to check this out when I get home! I’m listening via my cell phone speaker at the moment. Lol. It sounds good on here though!!

That high hat sounds a bit harsh, especially when contrasted with the ride, which I can’t hear very well. I think if the hi hat came way down, and the ride came up slightly, the drums would sound better balanced. Everything else sounds fine to me.

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I’m listening through my laptop speakers.

Vocals are kind of, …not sure how to say it…Kind of “soft”, but I assume that’s the “shoe-gazing” style coming through. Doesn’t seem like an engineering problem. It’s probably the kind of performance the singer was going for. Nice and mellow.

I get where Boz is coming from in regards to the hi-hats, but I’m not sure that I don’t like the upfront sound of them…It’s a bit unusual but I think it’s fine. I’d probably have to listen to this on my studio monitors or in my headphones to say for sure. I’ll listen again later and see if I change my mind.

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