AD Jingle - need help on the mix

Hey guys,

I just finished recording and mixing this track. My ears are washed out at this point and I hope you could help me out :slight_smile:
How is it sounding to you?

Thanks in advance and regards!


Hard to give any definitive feedback out of context, but overall it sounds great. The rhythm guitar gets lost a little at times, but if you’re not going for a real driving sound it’s fine. The drums sound great to me, and the sound of the lead guitar is upfront and rounded, like the clip is supposed to hover between rock and pop. Good commercial sound.

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Thanks for the feedback styles. Yes this is a pop/rock track. The theme given to me was a “feel good” pop rock genre. I hope the producers like this because i dont think i still have the energy to re arrange the clip :slight_smile: thanks again and cheers!

the song itself sounds fine. One thing to consider is that usually these types of things happen with somebody talking over them, which means the voiceover can’t be fighting the music. The heavy use of reverb on the guitars may present an issue with that, but then again, it might be fine.

If the producers come back and say anything about the vocals competing, that’s where I’d look first.

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I would agree it sounding good to me.

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yup I think your spot on boz. Its actually up for revisions haha. they junked this one. the client wants a more modern sounding track. like bruno mars / taylor swift’ish grooves. back to the drawing board for me :slight_smile: I’ll post the next one here so you guys could still help me out :slight_smile: thanks very much and cheers!

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Sounded good to me, sorry it didn’t work out

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Hi Chandler,

Thanks for the kind words. the song was actually inspired by a “Friends” tv show kinda vibe.
Which is a coincidence because of you being Chandler :slight_smile:

Did they not specify this before? That’s the worst when you are doing a job for someone and they can’t put into words what they want until after it’s done.

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They told me they liked pop / rock to be theme. so this is what I did initially. I havent realized that pop/rock meant “pure pop / EDM” to them. I even asked beforehand if somehow it would be EDM’ish because I thought thats whats going to fit the ad. but they said “no”. Eventually after 4 song drafts and 3 days of work, they finally made a choice. And guess what… They picked out the EDM demo that we made! and they still think thats pop/rock. Yes I know :slight_smile:


With stuff like this, you have to be super clear about what they mean. They usually have some song in their mind, and you have to tease that out of them, or you’ll never meet their expectations.

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Yes, just like we use reference tracks for mixing, if you can ask them for one or more “sounds like this” song or music references it can help clarify the goal.