minute long

New track Someday…one minute

I was about to enjoy it.

ark… here I am, in ‘recovery mode’ thinking to enjoy a new paulsong and it has vanished!

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Another good one. I do find that the acoustic finger picking (left ear) is lost and probably unnecessarily busy. There are also a couple of timing issues but otherwise nicely done.

Thank you for the review! Now your song: I think the vocals are the strong point, they sound very good. Are they all done by you? All of the melodies are pleasant. The song ending is kind of abrupt. There are some extraneous unwanted little noises a few of times; sometimes some smacking lips (not the kissing kind); those can be tough to avoid at times. Audio quality is good otherwise. Instrumentally it sounds good, though I think there are very slight timing issues at times. Overall, it is well done. :slight_smile:

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Hi aaron. One has no idea what they have created until someone else listens. I appreciate your comments. I am going to be more careful posting from now on. This one is a mutt. It is me singing and being 70 my mouth is dry. I take a cough drop with me usually. I just wanted some input before I would consider doing the whole song and sing it over. I also hear the timing issues. I will close off on this one and see what tomorrow brings. thanks much, you have always been there