A Winner Is Chosen

Congratulations to our grand prize winner… :drum::drum::drum::drum::drum:


I think I can safely speak on behalf of the other judges and say that this was an especially fun contest to be a part of as a judge. Hearing this awesome song by @Cristina and the way you all ran with it has been very fun. There have been plenty of surprises and extremely close votes along the way. You are all talented folks and should be pleased with your work. Awesome work everyone!

@ManAbyss, if you could PM me, I can start the process of getting your prize to you!

also, @FluteCafe, as the winner for the highest community points (combination of votes and comment points), you’re also getting a prize. Just PM me and I’ll set you up!

Congrats to all of you!!!


Congratulations @ManAbyss and @FluteCafe! And let’s all thank @holster for putting in the work to get make the contest possible, and @ikmultimedia for sponsoring it! I had fun hearing everyone’s entries. :slight_smile:



Συγχαρητήρια! Πολύ καλά!

George, if you are willing, would you consider sharing some thoughts on your mixing process and methods?

I’m sure everyone who mixed this track would love to see some of the plugin and EQ/Compression/effects choices you made to achieve your mix. Feel free to share!


Well done congrats on the win

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Congratulations to all the contestants, and to @ManAbyss and @FluteCafe for their respective wins. And thanks to @Cristina for providing such a fine song for everyone to work with. There is some serious talent around here!

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Lucky for me I’m 2 beers into another mix to ease the disappointment. :beerbanger:

Well done and well-deserved George! A hearty congrats!!

I’d just like to add a huge thanks to @holster for putting this on, @ikmultimedia for the awesome prize, ALL of the judges, and last and certainly not lease @Cristina for letting us mix her fantastic song. The song-writing and performance was top notch. It was really a pleasure to mix this. Cheers!

PS. Would also LOVE to hear (even anonymously) some judge critiques or summaries like @Chordwainer was kind enough to do a while ago. It would be a great learning experience.

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Congratulations George @ManAbyss - well done, mate! :clap: & kudos to Michelle @FluteCafe for your mix and your critiques! :ok_hand: Thanks again to @Cristina for the excellent music :microphone::guitar::musical_score::musical_keyboard:

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It’s 06:21 writing this.
I’ve been twisting and turning all night dreaming over & over that the contest had -finally- :blush: come to an end!
It was so intense that I actually got up at 5:45, turned on the WiFi on my phone and… now I’m not sleeping again for a week!!!
Let me brush my teeth, prepare breakfast for the daughters, announce them the news (they were asking every day), get them to school and I’m coming back!
Thanks everybody!


Aaaaaall right now!

Got rid of all the women of the house and I can dedicate myself to what I like doing when I’m alone… Logging in IRD!!! hahaha

Let me start by thanking @holster, @Cristina, @ikmultimedia and the JUDGES for each of their contribution to this lovely contest.

@holster This site is like the music university I never attented to me. And more…
@Cristina What can I say. Your song(s) blow me away.
@ikmultimedia Very generous of you! Thank you.
JUDGES (whoever you are) thank you and congrats on your impeccable musical taste picking the winner! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Jonathan Ευχαριστώ πολύ! I’d be more than happy to reveal all my secrets! :crazy_face: I will as soon as possible!

@takka360 Thx a lot man! Reaaly appreciate it.

@Chordwainer & @ColdRoomStudio Me getting congratulations from you is something I never expected that would happen. I am humbled. Thank you veeeery much.

@FluteCafe Congratulations on your win! I believe you really have a lot to contribute in IDR with your extended knowledge on different aspects of mixing/production/music.

@miked What can I say… As I’ve said before to @AaronNarace, the value of a victory depends on the value of the opponent. So this was a victory I am really proud of. Cheers, till we meet again!

Well… That was fun!
Thanks again and congratulations to EVERYONE involved in this!


Congratulations @ManAbyss!!

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Wow !!!
Congratulations to you @ManAbyss, and to @miked too. Dig your mixes.

What a nice contest ! Congrats to Indierecordingdepot ! A perfect vision of how should be every mixing contests.
Have been particulary disapointed by Indaba’s one, that are far bigger, no feedback at all, weird winner choice…
The only one improvement could be the ability to do a revision for the 2 finalist contestants, based on
a feeback from the client.
Thank you a lot Cristina, was a honor/pleasure to mix that amazing song !
A new one very soon ??? Pleaaaase !



Congrats to ManAbyss for his winning mix and also to miked for his excellent contribution.

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Congrats @ManAbyss and @FluteCafe!!!

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Congratulations. This was fun to watch AND participate in. I’m looking forward to the next contest.

Congrats everyone who entered this contest, it was very fun to listen to various point of views from that song. And what song!!

Congrats @ManAbyss, awesome job.

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To whomever it may concern…:slightly_smiling_face:

A quick pass on my mixing progress of Wasteland.

Wasteland mixing progress.pdf (1.9 MB)


Impressive - congrats

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