A Tongue in Cheek Country Song

A Tongue in Cheek Country Song


Would anyone like to collaborate with me on a country song taking a jab at the likes of Toby Keith and idolizing the bottom of the barrel southern culture that gives the rest of the south a bad name? I’ve got the lyrics, @wicked I know you’ll love this. I’ve had the first line in the choruses since I was eight years old, been waiting for a chance to implement it.

Boot Up Your Ass

Verse 1
I was born on the 4th of July
Lots of pretty fireworks up in the sky
My mama was also my half sister
But don’t y’all be prejudice mister

I may be inbred, with sand in my head
Don’t understand much of nuthin’ really
Governmental suits say I’d be better of dead
Run 'em over in my truck, homicidal hillbilly

But I’ll stick a boot up your ass 'til shit comes out
Got seven kids with my cousin, she puts out!
My old dog yeller’s a good old feller, hear me shout
I’ll stick a boot up your ass 'til shit comes out

Verse 2

I’m just a small town white boy a farmer is me
What in tarnation is you expecting from me?
I ain’t talk good but you understand clearly
Maybe my sister/niece wants to fuck me

My daddy taught me to hate on them queers
I secretly wanna touch a man, while huntnin’ deer
I hold the Holy Bible next to my nightstand
Wetbacks my command, is to go back to your land

Chorus 2
I’ll stick a boot up your ass 'til shit comes out
Foreigners and faggots ain’t welcome around
I may be gay it’s true, got no reason to hate spooks
But I’ll stick a boot up you ass 'til shit comes out

Now y’all know I ain’t no intelligiblectual type
But a country boy knows how to live right
Jesus is my savior, my semen is his tears
I drown out all my brain thoughts in Coors beer

Chorus 3
I’ll stick a boot up your ass ‘til shit comes out
Burrito eatin’ slobs, stealing all my jobs
Xenophobic is me, shit I can’t count to three!
I’ll stick a boot up your ass 'til shit comes out


This is good stuff! You got that hillbilly vibe down perfectly.

I’d like to contribute at some point in the future, but right now I’m pretty immersed in my projects. Looking forward to hearing what comes out of this tune! This one could be lots of fun.


Our specific group of looney tunes should make a full album one of these days. IE, you, Lazy, fiasco, DTJ, and I. Just to be clear, intelligiblectual is not a typo for anyone reading this in confusion. What’s wrong is wrong for a reason.