A song of poor taste pulled again

I know there are still nice folks out there


Hey Paul, I’m digging this rocker. Great groove, and fine playing. I like the drum work too! Sounds very natural and fits the tune well. The main comment I have at this point is that the vocals need to come up a couple-few dB, I’m having trouble discerning the words. Maybe a bit more compression as well? I’ve listened only on my mid-grade desktop computer speakers (maybe a step and a half above “grotbox” level) so consider the source, as it were.

We just had the remnants of Hurricane Zeta barrel through the DC area today, dropped a couple inches of warm rain and now the temp and humidity are dropping like a rock! It’ll be almost 20 degrees cooler tomorrow…

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Hi Dave. Yeah, just something to do. I have never been so bored. I didn’t do any compression, so that will be easy. Not good at it tho. Have to sing the thing again when my voice will allow it. Kinda fun doing a track that you don’t have high expectations. Don’t like the chorus and have tried many. I put a little too much stank on the guitars. Much harder for me using the mic on the cabinet. I have to also look up if that AKG 414 is actually the right one to use. I have five SM 58’s but no 57’s.

Brought that vox volume up…lots to mess with yet.

Thanks for your comments bud. What is the next hurricane going to be called???Zelda???

Hey Paul, this has a great Stones-y feel to it…and a great melody as usual! I’m not too keen to meet the song’s “protagonist”, though :scream: I think you need to write a third verse where he gets his comeuppance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooooh, that’s a damn good idea!

I also got a Stones vibe, with a little bit of Alice Cooper thrown in (musically, not vocally, of course)…


You got it Andy. There are nasty guys out there unfortunately. I know a few.
I figured it had to have some kinda 60’s vibe. ha ha Great to sit with my guitars. Noticed there were no fancy licks so far:) thanks for you take on this

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Yeah, it’s natural to think that Zeta is the last letter, but it’s not in the Greek alphabet, it’s only the sixth letter. Next up are Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda, and with the end of the official tropical season just a couple days away, one hopes we won’t need those…

Definitely a record-breaking year for tropical storms. So glad I don’t live on the Gulf Coast anymore!!

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Cool song! I do get the Stones vibe too, in the verses. The chorus sounds more Ohio Express or Tommy Roe from the 60’s to me - pop/rock type stuff. Interesting how the chorus has that “happy music with dark lyrics” effect. The change of styles is quite a contrast but does keep the song interesting too. I might suggest a little plate reverb or similar (or more of it) on the verse vocals especially. It sounds pretty good as is, but it seems like a little more space and ambience could help accentuate the suspenseful feeling there.

Right. The last letter is Omega … as in " I am the Alpha and the Omega". :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Stan, thanks for taking the time. I listened to the track this morning again and I gave it a C+ You would think all this “experience” would yield more impressive results. It is harder to create a song when you crank up a drum pattern, set the amp to crunch, and try to play a riff that is a little different. I started out with the E chord and was making a very fast switch to D and A. Then I cheated and played the A with a pull off on the D note. I think, for something to do, I will remove that riff when I sing the verse. That should free up a little space. I have a slight delay on the vocal, but I cut it down to half of the initial setting. The chorus still sucks and yes it is uplifting in a song that has a downer vibe. ha ha

I was thinking about creating a bare bones song and have a mix contest. I will put up a couple hundred bucks to make it more interesting. I supply maybe one acoustic track, drum, bass, and vocal. The contestants can put in there own tracks, change all or some, request a different melody line, sing it themselves, change bpm, well just about everything. The only thing I would ask for input on the vibe and genre of the song. I know many songs are brought in for mixing fun, but to have input on a forum generated song might be cool too. Just a thought

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I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this rock track. I had zero expectations when I decided to give it a listen as my bar for rock is really high. As a die hard rock fan, I loved it! From A to Z good job!

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Hi Michelle I played in a rock band for 20 years and It never goes away. We get together now, nobody wanted to “get contemporary” ha ha I first had a bridge in there and then yanked it. Having three verse and chorus series doesn’t really cut it. I messed this morning and got some better transition licks now.
The chorus just doesn’t fit.
I have been a little down lately and the theme of the song kinda echoed that.
I have two bass guitar tracks in there also and one has to go. Thanks for commenting and hope we can do a collab again sometime .

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Yeah, I think this song could work for that. On first listen I had ideas for adding some instrumental flourishes, so the “add to the song” part would be a nice feature. The chorus does switch things a bit, but that happy segment is quite short so I think it works okay.

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Hi again. Yes we both agree the chorus on this song is not a good fit.

I wasn’t thinking of a contest with this track at all. It just isn’t good enough and no input from forum members from the start. That is why I had mentioned the only feedback I would need was direction on genre and lyrics. I also though I would have it stripped way back to just an acoustic backer track just to establish a melody line. Then, folks could decide if it should have and aggressive electric guitar, keys, strings, etc. I have weird ideas, so don’t “fret” either way. best to you Stan

It’s ok. I am done here and will return when and if he is gone. I am 72 and I hope he gets that much respect when he gets this old. I pulled my song again.

Interesting. I’m sorry that my critique of your song has offended you. It is just my opinion. You don’t have to pay it any mind. But I do stand by it and meant every word I said. I do not and will not apologize for that. I thought this forum was about feedback and critique. If you just want people to tell you how great you are, then just say so and I’ll happily stay away and not interfere as you bask in well deserved adulation.

P.S. - Your age doesn’t make you immune to critique when you ask for it. Someone that has lived for seven decades should understand that by now.

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LOL! Generic mixing tips? Like your “man this is so great and my bar is really high!” vapid platitudes? Come on. I gave the guy feedback, mix and song feedback.

Nah, it’s fine. I don’t fit in here. I don’t want to rock your boat. Carry on I’ll show myself out.

your intention really showed with the way you worded your feedback is all. Look, this forum has people from all over the world. Novices and Award winning pros, new musicians and seasoned ones. Least you could do is show respect and give a proper feedback (and yes specific feedback) that helps and not hurts. We can debate the mix all you want and I will still come back to what I said before.

it is everything my business :slight_smile: we are all in the same boat. One musician or the next one.

Your knee-jerk reliance on bad assumptions makes you ignorant. You know nothing about me. You don’t like the way I give feedback? Cool. Again, it wasn’t for you. And also again, I still did more than you did. I left maybe the most comprehensive response in this thread. And I made sure to add some positives so it wasn’t all too negative. I’m not sorry for that. So whatever problem you have with me I’d suggest you just get over it and move on. Or at the very least stop making wrong assumptions about me. That would be a good start.

uh… right. I am already in talks with Paul, he is sending me his mix which he pulled because of your not so helpful feedback. I know enough from your feedback :slight_smile: you dont need to explain yourself. Take care

Cool. Let me know if you need any help.