A Song For You, Leon Russell 1970

“A Song for You” is a song written and originally recorded by rock singer and pianist Leon Russell for his first solo album Leon Russell, which was released in 1970 on Shelter Records. A slow, pained plea for forgiveness and understanding from an estranged lover, the tune is one of Russell’s best-known compositions.

This song is dedicated to all Dads, past and present!
Happy Father’s Day to all loving and understanding fathers of our world!!!
Peace and love!!!

I heard not long ago that Elton John (one of my favorites) was a big fan of Leon Russel, and I think they collaborated not terribly long ago (yes). This song sounds somewhat familiar; I don’t think I have heard it in a long time. Regardless, I think it all sounds very good! Nice job! So I’m watching this Elton Russel/Elton video; and the Crystals were mentioned (Russel played with them). Funny story, it was 1984, and this band I was in playing a gig at a roller skating rink: lousy acoustics. The owner of the rink advertised that we were The Crystals, but our band name was Crystal. Not surprisingly, there were some disappointed customers, and some of the band members played poorly some of the time, and most of the audience left. But then we settled down and the remaining audience had fun. The drummer, who went bezerk timing-wise during the show kicked a hole in his bass drum after the show, out of frustration, haha.

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Hi Aaron,
Now, that’s a really funny story!
Funny, we say, but I betcha - lots os fun!!!
I remember 1984, the prime years of our lives, I bet!!!
Elton John songs are timeless and I love 'em too!
I am glad to bring this song back into your veins.
Thanks again for the great comments!!!