A Song for Emma

A Song for Emma


Here is a tribute to @emma. Someone want to provide music? I was thinking to have a chorus similar to the style of “Penny” by Night Ranger. I can sing it, but I don’t think I have the talent to do it musical justice.

Verse 1
She’s a kiwi that knows what to do
You feel her in your heart down to your shoes
Emma my dear won’t you talk to me
I’m a mess without you, can’t you see?

I’m a fool for your mysterious ways, Emma, Emma
You’re the guiding light in my life, Emma, Emma
Now you’ve got me in a nasty dilemma, Emma

Verse 2
I can’t see straight without your help today
I killed a man with my bear hands when you went away
Sold my first born for a plane ticket, it’s true
I want to blow my brains out without you

Life’s a lonely fuckin’ mess without you
I’m gonna slit my wrists open it’s true
New Zealander for sure, fucking irrelevant
No you? I want to be trampled by an elephant!

Chorus 2
I just gotta call you on the phone Emma, Emma
I get so cold and I cry alone, Emma, Emma
I swallow rat poison and get an enema, Emema

I’m lying on a road, buzzards picking at me
Intestines on the pavement, you cast a spell on me!
Now I’m alone, crying at home, or is it really?
I broke my funny bone trying a wheelie

Chorus 3
I’m a fool for your mysterious ways, Emma, Emma
I get stone cold and I cry alone, Emma, Emma
Come down with paranoid schizophrenia, Emmia


O my goodness…
I have tears running down my face as I type this… husband is snorting and thinks you are brilliant… well, I think that’s going a bit too far… (moderation in all things! :smirk: )
When I started reading it I could feel my eyes rolling in a cunning eyeball pilates move as I thought what is that crrrazy man up to now… I mean there are even tags on the post…

Oooh, awesome lyrics and it’s definitely the first tribute song I have ever had written for me…

It’s Friday night, cheers!!
:beerbanger: :kiwi_fruit: :beerbanger:


You can write the music to your own song if you want. That wouldn’t be egotistical at all.
Also, it’s 1:34AM Friday here. You’re in my future.

Lots of Love,
Dillon Edwards


I really enjoyed these lyrics. :+1:


They don’t do the magnificent being justice (Emma).


Yeah, the rhyming defies gravity!


I’m a real smooth dancer I’m a fantasy man
Master of illusion magic touch in my hands


Have you seen this one??
LOVE this show…


No, they were Deep Purple lyrics. :disappointed_relieved:
Not your song, the fantasy man thing.


well I’d never know them for Deep Purple lyrics hehe…
but Noel Fielding wears a paper cup on his chin and sparkling lycra which is sometimes purple…


Sounds like a fun show.


Come on people! @Emma deserves better than this!


Excruciating. On every level.


Glad I could ruin your night!


Inaccurate on every level. It’s 0640 here.


Glad I could ruin your morning!


wow…whatever you are taking, I’ll have some


Untreated mental illness? Enjoy! Other than that totally sober.


How would you like to “take some” and help me with this song?