A Song for Emma

Here is a tribute to @emma. Someone want to provide music? I was thinking to have a chorus similar to the style of “Penny” by Night Ranger. I can sing it, but I don’t think I have the talent to do it musical justice.

Verse 1
She’s a kiwi that knows what to do
You feel her in your heart down to your shoes
Emma my dear won’t you talk to me
I’m a mess without you, can’t you see?

I’m a fool for your mysterious ways, Emma, Emma
You’re the guiding light in my life, Emma, Emma
Now you’ve got me in a nasty dilemma, Emma

Verse 2
I can’t see straight without your help today
I killed a man with my bear hands when you went away
Sold my first born for a plane ticket, it’s true
I want to blow my brains out without you

Life’s a lonely fuckin’ mess without you
I’m gonna slit my wrists open it’s true
New Zealander for sure, fucking irrelevant
No you? I want to be trampled by an elephant!

Chorus 2
I just gotta call you on the phone Emma, Emma
I get so cold and I cry alone, Emma, Emma
I swallow rat poison and get an enema, Emema

I’m lying on a road, buzzards picking at me
Intestines on the pavement, you cast a spell on me!
Now I’m alone, crying at home, or is it really?
I broke my funny bone trying a wheelie

Chorus 3
I’m a fool for your mysterious ways, Emma, Emma
I get stone cold and I cry alone, Emma, Emma
Come down with paranoid schizophrenia, Emmia


O my goodness…
I have tears running down my face as I type this… husband is snorting and thinks you are brilliant… well, I think that’s going a bit too far… (moderation in all things! :smirk: )
When I started reading it I could feel my eyes rolling in a cunning eyeball pilates move as I thought what is that crrrazy man up to now… I mean there are even tags on the post…

Oooh, awesome lyrics and it’s definitely the first tribute song I have ever had written for me…

It’s Friday night, cheers!!
:beerbanger: :kiwi_fruit: :beerbanger:


You can write the music to your own song if you want. That wouldn’t be egotistical at all.
Also, it’s 1:34AM Friday here. You’re in my future.

Lots of Love,
Dillon Edwards

I really enjoyed these lyrics. :+1:


They don’t do the magnificent being justice (Emma).

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Yeah, the rhyming defies gravity!


I’m a real smooth dancer I’m a fantasy man
Master of illusion magic touch in my hands

Have you seen this one??
LOVE this show…

No, they were Deep Purple lyrics. :disappointed_relieved:
Not your song, the fantasy man thing.

well I’d never know them for Deep Purple lyrics hehe…
but Noel Fielding wears a paper cup on his chin and sparkling lycra which is sometimes purple…

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Sounds like a fun show.

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Come on people! @Emma deserves better than this!

Excruciating. On every level.

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Glad I could ruin your night!

Inaccurate on every level. It’s 0640 here.

Glad I could ruin your morning!

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wow…whatever you are taking, I’ll have some

Untreated mental illness? Enjoy! Other than that totally sober.

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How would you like to “take some” and help me with this song?