A Slow Death- spoken word

I just wrote this song and recorded it today, and a lot like the last song has that fresh baked sound.

I just downloaded this new free grand piano VST from Spitfire LABS. It is just a piano, but it sounds very realistic to me. I played the chord prog and cleaned it up a little bit. I began imagining more chords, more melody, but it felt OK as is to me with a little instrumental diversity.

Alas, it is inspired by current events, but I hope it isn’t too depressing.

A Slow Death by Steve Bancroft

Life is a slow death, isn’t it?
So gradual you hardly even notice it
Trying to make the best of it, the most of what you have
It goes on forever until it doesn’t

When it’s not your turn but someone you love
Or even someone you know but hardly care for
Someone who deserves the mixed emotions you feel now
With no one else to share the final days somehow

It’s not the first time, won’t be the last
Not until your own life’s past
And you find yourself wondering who will be there for you?
It could be me

The longer the life the slower the death
Traversing heaven and hell on our trip on earth
It seems to go on forever, but those days are numbered
While in your dreams so unencumbered

It’s not very neat, you leave piece by piece
Coming apart at the seams
And you never know what will be the last to go
Between your reality and your dreams


Hi Steve,
You are right, the piano is quite realistic.
Your voice is very commanding, and I love the way you recited the lyrics.
Very real words, Steve, and quite sad reality for many.
Very nicely done.
Thanks for this beauty!!!