A Quiet Life in a World Gone Mad- Baroque Folk Rock

I just had to replace my Scarlett 2i2 1st gen which was finally giving me driver problems with Windows 10 I couldn’t get beyond, and this is the first successful song with the new 2i2 3rd Gen. First, the audio interface installed quickly and issuelessly. I have a new AIR button, which I pressed, but can’t decide if I can hear a difference.

Anyway, this also used Addictive Keys Grand Piano, Spitfire Fink Guitar, and Alchemy Beth’s Violin. Very simple and quiet arrangement which reminds me of Kinks around Muswell Hillbillies. One of those songs that only took a day including the words, so it might sound like that,

It is so simple, however, I feel like I’ve unconsciously copied some other song, but I can’t put my finger on it.

G-Guitar P-Piano V-Violins

A Quiet Life in a World Gone Mad by Steve Bancroft

G-No one cares about my opinions
G-I’m just one of the many minions
GP-I will be sure to greet you with a smile
While maintaining a nondescript low profile

I’m not trying to treat anyone bad
GV-I want a quiet life in a world gone mad

I may not meet your expectations
So I’ll keep my distance for good relations
GPV-I’ll respect your privacy
And maybe you will do the same for me

One thing for sure I wish I had
Was a quiet life in a world gone mad

G-Don’t ask me for money, don’t ask me questions
Don’t ask me for time, don’t ask for confessions
If they ask for answers, they’re not going to get them
If they want to come over, I’m not going to let them

Just leave me to my own devices
Best I can avoid surprises
Keep on hand some good thirst quenchers
As I deal with life’s adventures

The one thing that would make me feel glad
To have a quiet life in a world gone mad
I’m not out to treat anyone bad
Just want a quiet life in a world gone mad


I love that line. I do hear a little Kinks in there.
My main suggestion would be to work on the timing of the vocals to line them up a bit better, unless you’re going for a little more off the cuff feel.
The instruments sound good, the violin parts may have a bit more ambience than needed, but sometimes they don’t give you much choice.

Rhymezone is great, but nice how it actually makes sense, Bob!

I did a little lining up already, rerecorded a couple phrases, and I may fiddle with it some more, but I’m happy with it as is. I am not over a fairly major chest/sinus cold, surprised I was able to sing at all!

It is so difficult to keep it this simple. I’ve got muted tracks I just couldn’t use. I’m not ascribing to always going this route, but sometimes it works.

Thanks for listening and your sage advice!

Well done @steban , sorry you are sick but your vocals are pretty accurate in spite of this. Yes this tune is familiar. After you make your first million someone will ask to share it with you as has happened to others.

It definitely is difficult to keep things simple sometimes but it is a valuable skill to have I think and it works very well here. I like the instrumental outro you have, I think it’s important to balance instruments with vocals.

I think I’m going to listen to some old Kinks. Maybe this is partly some other melody I channelled. You are right how so many songs share the same whatevers.

Believe it or not, all the parts are identical midi, but the instruments each gave a vibe of its own.

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Gotta love the ‘keep it simple’ approach! Well done!

This one is kind of similar.

Hi @steban ,
Great to hear from you, Steve!
Our world might have gone mad, but we have not.
There is still hope, and we can make a difference.
Lovely music, quite relaxing.
Warm regards,

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Exactly, my friend! The world has always been mad, and we can and do make a difference because it could be much madder still. The suggestion I make implies we retreat from the world in a more protective shell, maybe not do as much. And honestly I don’t put political signs in my yard often because I live in an area not sympathetic to my side. I don’t want to be a target for some overzealous supporter for the other guy. But what I hope is we be ourselves and always consider the less confrontational/upset approach wherever possible.

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Hi Steve,
There’s a fetching sense of innocence in this simplicity… it does remind me of something but can’t quite catch it. Love the overarching philosophy of the song and the sense of spontaneity in the vocals.

Thank you for such kind comments, Emma, and so poetic! Last week I got 5 citations from Animal Control for my 4 dogs running in the street, and 2 citations from that nowadays equals a dangerous dog in court, and that could be a death sentence for a dog. These are all new dogs, 45-85 pounds, the first a rescue dog, the other three abandoned at my daughters’ house in Plainview, 600 miles away. They were getting in trouble being escape artists up there, and we had a more appropriate yard for them to run around. And alas, they have discovered every hole in the fence and where they can jump it. I thought I could patch them all etc, but it will turn out I need a 6-ft fenced area, so I have some work to do. One of my neighbors reported them (secret), and I might have been feeling that when I came up with the lyrics.

I’ve already written about 5 dog songs this year, but this song is not obviously one of them.

My dad used to run a stiff wire between two trees about 5 feet up and then attach the dog’s leash with a ring so they could run the length of the wire. That’s quick, cheap and easy if you have enough trees or other mounting points. Each dog needs his own or they get tangled obviously. Could work for temporary at least?

I have one but need more leashes, but technically it’s illegal to leave dogs on them in the yard nowadays, Ingo. No matter, I ordered 150 ft of 6 ft wire fence today, be here next week, and 4x4s 2x4s etc, and I’m repurposing my garden wall (not dog proof) into a 6 ft wood picket fence and making a new area in the backyard for them. It should be escape proof, and if need be I have an electric fence system I could add. Seems like a lot of work, but we were already crazy taking on these Houdinis. I’m getting a lot of good exercize, too!

Thank you for reviewing my music! Now your song: This song reminds me of The Kinks quite a bit! In every way! Some of the melodies sound somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t tell you where from. Regardless, it all sounds quite good overall, very good job! Having dual vocal tracks with melodies was, once again, an excellent idea. :slight_smile: