A Promised Land

Inspired by a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for your time and expertise.

Pray for Ukraine!


Thank you for the review! Now your song: you play acoustic guitar way better than I can. And I can hardly play guitar & sing at the same time. Was that recorded at home? If so, you have lots of guitars! Nice song and nicely performed: singing & guitar playing; nice melodies. What state or country are you from?

Solid on all fronts. Loved your voice and playing. Nothing fake about this. Pretty hard to record the way you did and pull it off to hear both so well. yup, I could listen to this stuff all day. big congrats and thanks for posting

Hi feaker,
Love your comments.
I have not been in a lot of places in this forum.
Do you think my video is in the right place?
You are correct, if you are a perfectionist, it will be hard to record and publish anything. But after a little while of doing this, I have come to settle and accept od few discrepancies here and there. And I am the only one, that knows my mistakes, for the most part.
Thanks feaker,

Hi aaron,
Thanks for your excellent feedback and comments. I recorded this song at home, in my music room. And yes, I have a few guitars, and a lot of musical decorations I have collected in put in my music room. I am in Seattle WA, and I originally came from the Philippines.
You are much appreciated Aaron!!!

This is off topic, and I only mention this because you are in Seattle. If you have an interest in airplanes or Boeing, I have a story for you.

Whoah! Massive Guitar Wall, Batman! Great background!

Very nice composition too! I’m really digging the quarter tone vocal inflections and your guitar paying. Your vocals have a really appealing sound and texture.

I’m also getting a little distortion from time to time, but this time it seems to be being triggered by your vocals. The stereo field seems balanced here, though.

Are you using a camera or phone mic for these? I noticed that most phone mics have some pretty invasive built-in limiters that distort pretty quickly.

Cool tune!

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HI Aaron,
Pls share your airplanes story.
I am interested.

Excellent feedback.
I am using a Shure SM-58 and an Ear Trumpet Labs condenser (Edwina) for my mics. I will have to investigate the distortions.
I am truly glad that you are liking the composition.
And also the Massive Guitar Wall, hahahahaha… my music room.
You are much appreciated.
Thanks again.

One airplane story, coming up! I am a mechanical engineer, and I have been interested in airplanes for about as long as I can remember. I wanted to design something mechanical, related to airplanes, since I was about 9 years old, but did not do that until my previous job, which lasted over two years. Before I was hired, Boeing had a backorder of thousands of 737’s, and at roughly $100 million per 737, that adds up to hundreds of billions of dollars. The bottle neck was wing production. I did not design part of the airplane itself, but every Boeing 737 that has been assembled since mid 2015: the wings were partially assembled by something that I helped design. It hoists up a wing subassembly, and carries it from station to station as the wing gets riveted together (by a huge robotic drilling & riveting machine that I had nothing to do with), and eventually taken into a spray booth, where it gets painted. The entire new wing panel assembly line cost Boeing about a billion dollars, though the small company I worked for only got several million for the relatively small portion we did. Very soon after our system was working, I got laid off (I knew that would happen before I took the job), though fortunately I got an old job back where I have now worked for about 22 years altogether.

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This is awesome!
LEAN Process.
And your small part id actually huge, as it addressed the bottle neck which is the man issue of the whole 737 manufacturing.
I say “awesome” because it was a success story, but not so awesome, as this type of hiring and firing is not "taking care of people.
You were “used” and taken advantage of.
At any rate, your two years in Boeing, gave you the opportunity to display your talent and passion, to “invent” and use current and new technology to make things work, addressing completion time and accuracy.
I am assuming that you are still working in your 22-year job, and is looking to retire soon.
And I am also assuming that you are in Seattle area.
Thant is a great airplane story, and I’m sure to say, a story that you can be proud of!!!
Congratulations on a great chapter in your Mech Engg stint.
I am also very sure that you are the “McGyver” type, one that makes things work, with whatever things available to you - that’s me as well.
Thanks for the story!

Welcome to IRD Rene, you a great job of playing and singing here and your song is well written too. I liked your guitar harmonies. Your recording sounds good but as CRS has mentioned you are clipping a little bit. What DAW are you using? People here are expert audio engineers and could probably recommend a way to prevent clipping if you are interested.

Thank you! I was not employed directly by Boeing, though I know someone that worked there for about 30 years, then retired. I heard that another employee at Boeing kept being told he/she was going to get laid off for the last 25 years and that person was still working there when I heard that story; which is longer than I have ever worked anywhere. Which is completely alien to me, because usually companies will lay people off with zero warning. I actually live near Los Angeles. I am 61 years old, but want to work as long as my health holds out. I like the work; fear I would get bored if retired.

Hi ingolee,
Thanks for the great feedback.
I am currently investigating my clipping issue.
I am actually switching my DAW today to a new one I bought.
I should be able to record from it in the next couple of days.
Thanks again.

Hi Aaron,
thanks for the airplane story.
I do love airplanes, and was around jets and aircraft maintenance for quite a while.
I am retired now, and we are on the same age group.
I am definitely not bored.
See you in the forum.

Hi Rene, I would also suggest checking the input levels on your interface and make sure you’re not clipping on input. Remember that with 24bit recording, you don’t need to record as hot as you would to tape, so you can leave some headroom so that your peaks don’t go over 0dB FS.

Thanks for the recommendations.
I will remember those tips.
Thanks again CRS!