A producer/songwriter interviews Mixerman

A producer/songwriter interviews Mixerman


Hey guys. I dug this up and intend to go through it gradually throughout this week. Though its 3 years old, I found many interesting topics of discussion here. While Eric is here with us, I thought I’d share it. Please feel free to question or comment. A link to his new book is posted below!


8:07 - Getting the gig working with Farside

12:00 building a discography in this day and age

14:30 background behind Billionaire Apparent

17:35 when Beethoven needed more bass he added more bass players lol

20:00 Billionaire apparent is about the business today (2016)

21:20 Royalty payment systems and performance rights unions, and streaming

23:00 Importance of major labels

27:05-27:28 US congress and music industry lobbyists vs big tech

33:00 - You don’t push things forward by doing things the same way, as long as you understand the reason people did it the ‘other’ way.

34:00 NOT meeting with mix clients in person


Some very interesting points.

To summarize - it seems that nowadays you have to be a 360 degree artist to make a living: composer, musician, engineer, and producer. It’s all about the song.


It makes things take bloody ages though, having to do everything. :confused:


That’s for sure.



It depends…for some people it flows naturally. Think of Prince for example, he did everything and that’s at a time when that was not expected.

I’ll give you an example from my own “career” or whatever you’d call it :slight_smile:

I was in a semi successful band, and since we split up in 2013, the singer, bassist and drummer haven’t done anything with music.

The other guitarist and I tried to learn drums, so both of us can do our own drum parts. We bought e-kits and were suffering thru “Drumming 101”. I was awful at it, but the other guy is Brazilian so I guess that clicked more for him. I seem to be doing better with EZDrummer and plugins so I went in that direction. Now, our trials and tribulations as vocalists vary to certain degree but we pretty much do the whole 360 thing. I might mix and master some of his songs, and he might play some leads on mine.

After several years of “home studio” tweaking, I had about enough and joined a band. The experience of doing everything myself definitely helps me present my songs better and unlike any of the other members that bring in half baked ideas.

One thing that changed, my workflow became more personal, last studio experience I had with an engineer, I was actually super annoyed that I had to translate to someone else how I want something done.


Just FYI, I saw that PureMix.net is going to do a live Q&A with Eric/MM tomorrow (Friday):

This Friday, November 30th at 1pm EST , we will be live with Mixerman , where you will have the opportunity to ask him your questions about his records , books , and tips for musicians on how to survive making a killer record.

This Q&A is Open To The Public!


I missed the live broadcast, but watched some of the replay. There were a lot of glitches with feedback delays in the audio, which was pretty annoying. Technical thing on the PureMix end I would guess. I always find it ironic when pro audio oriented broadcasts have crappy audio. :smirk: