A Plugin's Worth

Not trying to dive into specific plugins by name, but what is a must-have for a plugin you use. Trying to get into the functionality of it more then anything.

  • Meters
  • Mix knobs/wet controls
  • Presets!
  • Easy on the computer
  • Easy on the eyes(gui)
  • Lots of knobs to tweek
  • Less tweekable options
  • Multi-functional (like channel strips)
  • Single-functioned
  • Value input areas
  • Incremental (stepped) knobs faders
  • …uh I am all analog here homey

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PLEASE vote here and choose as many options you see fit, it is multiple choice. Your input is valued! Thanks and let me know if I missed anything

If I need to, I can break this poll down to as-needed functions of specific plugins like (compressors, 'verb, mastering channels…)

This will actually be an interesting poll to see the results of! I like it as is.

man, I’m looking at these options, and I don’t even know which ones to click. The more I do this, the more I like one trick pony plugins. I used to like playing with all the controls and seeing what different plugins were capable of, but now I just want to stick a compressor on the drums and drive it until it sounds good.

I don’t know if it’s because I recognize that the vast majority of plugins are just the same thing with different interfaces, and if I really want a plugin, I make it for myself.

I do buy sample libraries, and with those, I find that I prefer the ones that sound good without me having to tweak them much.


If you have not votedb please take 3 seconds to fill out. Thanks.

Single function, easy to see, easy on the computer.

I really don’t get into plug-ins at all. I have them, use them, but I don’t care about them. I’m not some super excitable plug-in jockey like most DAW users tend to be. I don’t get all geeked up over some new waves release or some insert-famous-producer-name plug-in pack. I think they’re all basically the same damn thing wrapped in different packages. I tend to use basic plug-ins and I use them at their most basic functionality.

I have the same thoughts about them,that is why I only use stock plugs. When I win this mix competition that is being set-up here, I would give the grand prize away. Not out of disrespect for Boz or Holster, I would never use it.

Mix contest? Where is this mix contest?

@cptfiasco with the spoiler alert. Announcement today or tomorrow :wink:


I just want a plugin that will do the thing I want it to do, do it in a fantastic fashion, and stay the hell out of my way.

I’d say “wet/dry” but I’m in Reaper, sooooo…I’ve got Wet/Dry on every single plugin every time. In fact, if I was in a different program, I’d have to completely change a lot of my automation methodology.


That IS one feature that I really like about Reaper. I’m really surprised that isn’t standard in most DAW’s.

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One aspect of a channel-strip type plug that I’ve come to appreciate since adopting the Izotope stuff is that I have a lot less to worry about when it comes to gain-staging. All these components are designed to work together and although I’m sure I could garf up the gain-staging even in there, one would have to work at it. :wink: Having nearly identical, but separately-produced, plugs to achieve the same end result will require that additional step of being sure that what’s coming out of one plug isn’t overcooking the next one in the chain…

Edit: I’m not saying Izotope uber alles here, it’s just one example that I happen to use and that has had a positive influence on my workflow and (I hope) output quality.

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Mix knobs seem to be the common necessity!

I did one trick ponys vote. probably because im lazy.

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Hmmm. None of those are must-have’s imo. But I checked good GUI and lots of knobs, because the interface affects the workflow, and you do need sufficient control.

Meters - I use plenty of plugins with no meters.
Wet/Dry - Most don’t have wet/dry options, but I still use them because they sound good.
Presets - I don’t care if they come with presets, and I think its silly for waves to have included presets in their ‘one knob’ series.
Easy on the computer - Some of the best plugins I own use a huge amount of CPU. Its ok if its worth it.
Easy on the eyes - I’ll interpret that to account for layout - so yes, I think it really matters.
Lots of knobs - If and only if the knobs are necessary and meaningful
Less tweekable options - That’s really contingent on the ‘lots of knobs’ question…right?
** Muti-functional - I like how Izotope does theirs, where you can get all functions in one channel strip, but you can break the channel strip into individual modules and load each module independently of the strip if you want.

In violent agreement with this. Using Izotope has been a real improvement in how I do things for sure. And the timing was right for when I got it (aside from the blowout sale timing) – I think I was just about at the right level of experience and development to appreciate its uses, whereas a couple years ago I may not have been.

Since I have an old and underpowered computer (2011 MacBook Pro), the CPU hit must be low.

All in one plugins (channel strips) helps in that. I use a lot of Plugin-alliance (bx_console), Izotope (Alloy 2), and some old Waves plugins (Ren series, V series, API collection), which are easy on the CPU. Slate, besides FG-X, are great on CPU too.

I tried the new Izotope Neutron channel strip, but it takes lots of CPU and memory, so I did not upgrade my Music Production Bundle.

Gustavo, have you tried the Neutrino free plugin they released not long before Neutron? Supposedly meant to impart “final sheen” on tracks. I can’t say I can hear any difference when using it-- but then, my hearing in the high frequencies has seriously deteriorated, and I gather that is where the most effect is imposed. If you’ve used it I’d be interested to hear your opinion. :smile:

I downloaded and installed it, but never used :frowning:

I was very upset about Neutron CPU drain in my computer, and forgot about Neutrino.

As soon as I have opportunity I’ll try it and bring my opinion!

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I like plugs that are direct emulations of HW units. So that is something important to me.
I really don’t care if they don’t sound “exactly” like HW. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
have fun

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