A place for us ,mix

Good tune

Fantastic vocal sound!
The song builds amazingly well. There feels like there’s some funny compression pumping, phasing and/or distortion that is going on when the vocals are all together. I can clearly hear the deliberate phase/chorus effect but there’s something else that is going on that I’m not sure about and is throwing me a bit.
Drums and bass feel quite set back, but I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. The chorus at 2 mins has the guitar/distortion fuzz sound quite prominent when you compare that to the bass and drums, but the vocals are center stage and the mix, to me, doesn’t feel overly unbalanced despite this.
This is a cool song. Yours? The layers and steady build over the course of the song is great.
The little bass licks and bitey parts pop out nicely and the spread of all the instruments is wonderful. It was a real pleasure listening to the song and it never dragged.
Nice one.