A "Nothing Lasts Forever" Collaboration

I got the idea for this collaboration from an audio book that I’m listening to from the quote:

What happens when forever comes to an end?

The author is talking about things such as marriage, his band, and friendships.

With only this information, is anyone interested coming up with something? I have no preconceived ideas as to musical style or tempo. Just the idea itself.

Thanks in advance!

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“Nothing Lasts Forever” is the title of a Kinks song from Preservation Act II, Big Al. It is very melancholy and verbose, and is where Flash’s #1 floosie is telling him goodbye as he is about to be overthrown as leader. So I have that esoteric preconception, but this is a topic that pops up a lot. Ozymandias and how entire kingdoms crumble, etc etc.

Hey, I’ve probably written on this basic idea many times before and just can’t remember it anymore, so to me it is not about the originality of the topic as much as the angle of approach and the twist on the moral of that story. Anyway, now the idea is bouncing around my head, and I will probably end up writing something down. I just wrote an 8 minute end of the world by asteroid song inspired by my brother who keeps bringing it up! But for this I’m thinking much more concise, some faux rock wisdom poetry ala Floyd or Paul Simon. I didn’t watch Game of Thrones, but it too just ended.

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Hey, @bigalrocks, I reread a lot of my old lyrics that in one way or another dealt with this topic to some degree, but I was more inspired to write a new song, and here it is- The End of Forever.

This is a first time singing along with very simplified chord structure, just to play with it. I have no idea as to arrangement or style choices, songs can take on entirely new personas in a collab, and so I offer it as vanilla, dude.

The End of Forever by Steve Bancroft

Is it the end of forever
When we have gone too far
To ever go back to those glory days we had
Any one of us could have been a shooting star

Is it the end of forever
When we have passed that point
With nowhere left to go, nothing new to play
Nothing left to do, my friend, but light another joint

Because nothing lasts forever
But what does that really mean
The fuel for our fires all run out
Another winter will come before spring

Who gets the blame for the end game
How common interests are lost once so strong
But there aren’t any villains or heroes
Life just demands it go on
Life just demands we move on

So is the end of forever
A voluntary choice many times
A series of micro decisions
An accumulation of many small crimes

And if we try to hold it together
One more time than it ever will be
It is simply because we remember
Our rock and roll fantasy

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I dig it. The guitar sounds pretty good.

Thanks, Big Al! So, do you want to collab?

As a note, the guitar is VG Amber virtual guitar. And I’m trying out recording my vocals in stereo, so you might notice how it softly drifts from left to right at times. I am reacting what @Stan_Halen had mentioned recently, a little way to add some subtle dynamic to the vocals.

I can play bass and/or drums on that track if you’d like.

That would be fantastic, Big Al! Bass and drums are not my forte, that’s for sure. We can then decide what else it might need, if anything.

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I sent you a PM.