A Noobie Once Again

I am so glad to see that these stellar members from the sinking ship of RR have made this new forum. I wish you gents all the best in this venture and am glad to be a part of the community.


Welcome paul! Hurry up in get in here, it is cold outside, and we are letting the heat out. Ha! Look around and share some of your adventures!

Welcome young man. How goes it in the big bad world of pro recording?

@Paul999!!! How the heck are you?!? Great to see you. Hope things are going well. Let us know what you think as you kick the tires etc.

Welcome Paul! How are your studio adventures going? ITB, OTB, hybrid? Good to have you here.

Thank you all for the warm welcome! It has been a great adventure over the last year.

I did major renovation of the studio that I hope to complete before summer. As part of the renovation I consulted Ethan Winer about room acoustics and this was the smartest thing I could have ever done.

I am mixing hybrid through my expanded D&R console. I merged 2 consoles that are exactly the same modular consoles giving me 16 stereo channels 40 mono channels, 16 groups and 10 auxes. I feel I am finally getting this hybrid thing to really hit my stride with work flow.

I love the look of the new forum so far and am pleased that the this amazing group of people have a new hang out.


Welcome Paul!! And of course, we also have the charming @Emma on the docket, so it’s not just gentlemen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sounds like you are at near-epiphany levels with your setup… looking forward to hearing more.

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Hi Paul - Welcome to the new place!!


Dude!!! Good to see you. If you hadn’t have ventured over here I would have harassed you until you did. So glad you’re joining us!


Great to see you here.

Hey Paul! Nice to see you here!

great to see you Paul!!, idk if i would call myself stellar but i offer knowledge once in a while…:grinning: