A New Studio

I moved house a couple of months ago and had to leave my studio behind. I couldn’t drum up the motivation to build another - even though that was the plan - but my man Dave was in the right place at the right time. He’s a professional shopfitter and a veritable machine when working. It took him 4.5 days for the full construction in my garage. The recording room is room-within-a-room and the control room is just sound proofed.

All I have to do now is get carpets and the floor and duvets stapled to the walls and ceilings and Hairy Monster Audio will rise again.

Studio Build Photos


Congratulations! Looks great - Keep us updated!

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Thank you Andrew. I did salvage the recording room door from the old studio - I’ve walked through it so many times it’s almost like an old friend LOL.

Almost looks like 2x8 wall studs. That’s a whole lot of rockwool. Put in lots of outlets. fun stuff

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2x9 Paul! Dave asked me to get 2x8 but I managed to source some reclaimed 2x9 that saved me about a grand (UK£).

Yes it was a shedload of loft insulation but unlike my last garage, the new one is very near the house and indeed the neighbours’ houses so I had to get as much mass as possible in there.

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Yeah!!! Cool stuff!!! Way to go man. Looking forward to seeing this come together.

You got your gear out of there… right? I mean… you’re mainly talking about the building?

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Yes, I had to leave the snake and a couple of other bits and bobs because I couldn’t extricate them but I came away with everything else.

Looks great, congrats! Looking forward to seeing how it all shapes up.

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