A Mix from AMC

I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t posted for a while…

In any case, here’s a mix I did over at AMC… this is my initial mix, and as it is a “Mix Audition”, I thought I might get some outside input here before I make some updates. Thanks!

This is a different song from the same artist as this mix that I posted a few months back… I quite like his songwriting and singing…

Love the way the vocal sits on top of the bass and drums foundation at the beginning. At -2:50, when the guitar slams in it’s tonally balanced and the width feels great. Even noticed the vocal reverb throws and automation in the heavier parts too. Nice touch.

Personal preference - if the vocal was a tad brighter and more sibilant (without going too much), I wouldn’t complain.

Overall, if I produced this this thing, sent it to you for a mix, then you sent that back to me as a rough, I’d be pretty happy with it!

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Thanks for your input, Jonathan - much appreciated!

Wow, this is top notch. Your vox is just awesome. Love the variety of volume changes. You always seem to get the best of me. Love it. It gets quiet just before that. Wierd background sound at 2:14 that I really like. Ending hits perfect. I think this is my all-time fav of yours. Glad you are back here again. My puter is crashing daily and hard to keep track of things. congrats on the track

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Thanks Paul - glad you like it!.. although the artist here is not me (I thought I made that pretty clear in the OP, but maybe not! :man_shrugging:)

I just mixed this. The tracks for this multitrack were pretty “plain Jane” so the artist wants us to dress them up a bit - hence a few sound design-y type things (ie. weird noises) that I have added… and I did a fairly significant edit to the arrangement as well.

I hope you sort out your computer issues!

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I’m listening to this through my tiny iPad speakers and it sounds great. I can imagine this must sound even better through bigger and better sounding speakers.

I like the vocal delays and time effects on the vocal and the way you left the vocal dry at the one part later in the song. The drums sound really big. At first I was thinking they were too big but I changed my mind quickly. The drums hit really hard. They have that “smack” to them and they sound great. It’s a very modern sound.

This sounds like a killer mix to me!

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Thanks mate! Good to hear it translates - Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment :+1:

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“this is my initial mix” is what thru me off, like that is a legit excuse.

Yeah, I get most everything wrong these days. I just skim what folks have to say cuz I want to get right to the song. I also “assume” it was you and after I listened, I was sure it was you??? ha ha