A man and his traps


My adventure begins monday


take measurements before and after.

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It measures 7" before, and 7" 1/3 after I took the pills from the Nigerian prince email. Seriously though Johnny Depp, let me know how those workout. Seems like an interesting contraption.

I certainly can vouch for the effectiveness of these GIK traps… best $1600 investment I have made in making music, to be sure. Good luck J!

Alrighty. Won the auction.

Whats the best way to do this?

room eq wizard and a measurement mic. a cheap measurement mic will work just fine for the situation.

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I have one of these. I’ve never used it before. Would that work?

How do you plug it in? Should I just go 8th inch to quarter inch TRS adapter, then into the front of a solid state preamp?

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I consider my acoustic treatment absolutely necessary in my space and one of the two things that makes my space work.

I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of absorption - sometimes it’s a little too dead - but I built everything (aside from the stuff mounted to the ceiling) as free standing. I can shrink or grow the “room” that the mic hears depending on where I place the panels.

Acoustic guitar? My eight 6’ tall, 2’ wide, 3" thick panels (that are hinged together as pairs and stand as wide Vs) are back against the walls.

Vocals? Those same panels (plus an extra 4’x3.5’x6" panel) completely surround the singer so it’s dry, dry, dry.

Drums? Depends on the sound. I can move that stuff around to blend room reflections coming back into the mics.

I don’t know much, but I know I didn’t make too many mistakes with my acoustic treatment ideas.

Also, I’m not a carpenter by ANY stretch of the imagination. My panels don’t look great but they do a hell of a job in my used-to-be-nearly-unuseable room.

If you need stuff that looks good, get GIK panels. I have two of the 244 traps above my mix position and they made my (mixing) life SO much easier. Way worth their cost if you’re trying to balance time vs money. When I built my panels, I had plenty of time available for “studio build/maintenance stuff.” Now, I have no time for “studio build/maintenance stuff” and only time for “music.” I like that having that problem.

If I had to start over with treatment I’d send two boxes of donuts to the GIK people, send a detailed floorplan and photos of the room, and schedule a day with them to sit and hash out an approach over the phone. Then, I’d throw every dollar they asked from me at them happily.

Good luck out there!

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I just got back from Raleigh NC. Went to pick them up today…can’t wait to install them. They’re sitting in the back of a cargo van I had to rent to fit them all in one load. I ended up with 16 monster and 244 traps with 400hz limiters, and a batch of diffusors. I have 8 of Ethans corner mondo’s too, so after I get about 5 of these hung above the mixer at the first reflection points, I should have a real good balance of diffusion, absorption, and traps.

I also have 20 traps designed by these guys. http://www.wjhw.com/Staff.aspx. Luckily the WJHW traps and the GIK ones I just got are the same color.

I’m getting the last batch of in-wall wiring done this week, and I have to call an electrician back to mount a circuit breaker in the garage so I can turn it into a foley room. But after this, I’ll be ready to launch. I have projects backed up about a month waiting for me to get this place running and they’re getting impatient. I NEED to finish this week. I also have an interior decorator coming by to try and figure out some way to fit this stuff together.

@Chordwainer says GIK’s consulting is very good. As is Ethans.

…if I had to start over with the traps, I’d be depressed. I’d be depressed to the point I’d need medication lol.

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