A little ole smile..done..fun collab

Rene did a great job with this track with that unique style of his. I finished my original just to have it to file in the archives. It could be called a cornucopia of events to some I call it a mess. ha ha ballad verse…off beat chorus…rap…boom

A little ole smile

People everywhere need peace A (four bar)

People everywhere need trusted friends A

People everywhere need family … That’s the way is sposed to be

Like you…like me…like everyone like you… like me… it goes on and on G D A

D A G A ( 3 bar)

A little ole smile …so easy to do… a magical cure for feelin blue

A little ole smile . you could start

They’ll smile back… and warm… your… heart D

People everywhere need trust A

People everywhere need a gentle touch A

People everywhere need hugs…a signature that you are loved A

Like you…like me…like everyone like you… like me… it goes on and on G D A

If yur unhappy … not the place to be NO bridge

Talkin to your only friend The TV

People need people and gotta Feel Free

Remember that smile…that’s The Key…uh huh


Hi feaker,
I love the guitar solo in the middle.
And the additional verse is very cool.

Like I said in the beginning of this little project of ours, I really like the way you sang your song, and this version is even better, with the revised lyrics.
You are really an artist, and your flexibility is amazing.
And most importantly, your generosity is truly a blessing!!!

Again, I was not aware of your original collab intent and method of recording.
I am very grateful for this opportunity to grow, and I learned a lot from you.

Thanks again feaker!!!

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feaker and Rene,
I recognize feaker’s vocals, so I assume Rene did at least some of the guitar work? Regardless who did what, the vocals and guitars all sound very nice. Drums & bass working fine too. Audio quality is very good too. No gripes from me.

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I really like the chorus in this song, I can envision a bunch of layered harmony vocals and a big, powerful guitar, bass, drum and keyboard accompaniment, Kind of has an anthemic feel.

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I decided to close my eyes and let your song deliver me to wherever it would. I woke up on the beach at night beside a roaring fire passing blunts around the flames with more than a few dozen half naked long haired hippies while your crew wearing socks around your dangly bits performed this song in the sand.

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