A Heavy Rain on a Beautiful Day

A Heavy Rain on a Beautiful Day


Song 2 on the 5 songs in 5 days challenge. Dunno about tomorrow though, might need a break lol.

You know how it is when u do something new, u get all excited about it…then later its like “meh”. This might be the best thing ive done yet though lol.

All we were given on this one was the one line, which I used as the title etc. When I started it I had in mind David Coverdale but I dont really sound like him lol. IMo there is an ounce or two of Skynyrd in it…if nothing else the lyrics might be something Ronnie Van Zant would sing

Another massive rush job, done in one day

A Heavy Rain on a Beautiful Day

The rain falls down, around me, something I could do without
I feel the pain, surround me, leaving me without a doubt
Who took the light, from my eyes, and gave me pain instead
Now misery, and darkness, are coming down on my head

A heavy rain on a beautiful day, it always makes me feel so blue
Well I guess there’s nothing I can do
It always makes me think of you

Many years ago I was standing tall, Lord sun beaming in my face
to see me then you’d think I would never fall, or ever see a lonely place
I had a momma beside me, I put a ring on her hand
My ring is layin’in a drawer somewhere, mama layin’ with another man

A heavy rain on a beautiful day, it always makes me feel so blue
Well I guess there’s nothing I can do
It always makes me think of you

I think of you

Come on momma take the pain away
sunshine take the rain away
My heartbeats for another day
Maybe we could try another way


I think this might be the best song you’ve done yet, too.
This one just seems to work and sounds almost effortless. Doesn’t sound like you’re trying as hard to find the song. This one might be in the running for your first album. Keep it up!


I just listened to your other song, Caught In A Tangle.

This song is MUCH MUCH better, in my opinion.


haha. hahahaha. hahahahahahahahahahaha


Love those vocals at the intro. ha ha got me Your voice really works with your playing. It just works.
You are indeed very talented. Love the rain on a beautiful day…think of you :slight_smile:

Gets your juices flowing



I appreciate the words brother…not sure my neighbors agree though lol. and if I played you some of the failed vocal takes u might take back those kind words hehe

I cant take credit for that one line “a heavy rain on a beautiful day” because we were given that one phrase as the starting point for the song in our “5 songs in 5 days challenge”. But the rest is mine! lol

btw, I did a song on Monday and then this song on Tuesday and it took so much out of me that I didnt do ANYTHING today lol. I was shot. I MUST get faster…it takes me hours and hours to do stuff. I must take after my mom…her nickname as a kid was “snail” lol


Nice one JJ - great tune and lyrics. This one is definitely on the money. Keep this one in your back pocket and complete a polished version of it. Killer lead playing at the end, btw :beerbanger:


Nice song and the musicianship is excellent. Your voice fits well with the style and I really dig the solo at the end.