A Hallowe'en Cover Song

This is a Black Sabbath song from their debut album back in 1970. It was actually recorded in October of 1969 but the album wasn’t released until a few months later, in the following year.

The song is called Black Sabbath, from the album titled ‘Black Sabbath’, from the band Black Sabbath.

I wanted to spit this song out in time for Halloween but I was far behind schedule, so I had to work ridiculous hours yesterday, last night and today, in order to make the song relatively presentable. Man, recording and mixing is a nightmare! :smiling_imp: :ghost:

Happy Hallowe’en (Halloween)

Good job here @Wicked, catching the sound and vibe of a landmark band. BS did so much with very simple tools so you have to be spot on and I’ll bet it’s tempting to add a lot of other stuff that they wouldn’t have done. Cool video too, did you do that?

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You did a great job, Wicked, and just in time for Halloween! The video is very cool, too! I’m glad I caught this today. Did you sing and play all of the parts? Very impressive.

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Thanks, @ingolee

It was VERY tempting to add more musical and vocal embellishments to this song. Actually I made quite a few changes from the original version. Some were subtle changes but some were quite drastic. There’s a few places where I created a totally different vocal melody which is very unlike the original Sabbath vocal. I was tempted to sing a whole new vocal melody throughout the second verse but I figured that most people don’t want to hear their cover song being totally rewritten…, so I tried to make a few big, obvious changes that would appear briefly and periodically, and I also made many smaller changes that would add a little spice without totally rewriting the song. The guitar solo at the end of the song is mostly my own solo but I still threw in a few of Tony Iommi’s licks from the original version. I’m not really impressed by his solo in that song, so I wanted to put my own twist on it.

Yes. I shot the video for the Jack-O-Lantern scenes a few years ago, hoping that one day I could use it for one of my music videos. The graveyard scene was filmed around the same time or maybe the following year. You may recall me making a thread on IRD around that time, asking forum members advice and opinions about shooting video in a graveyard. I wanted some “dark, horror” type footage to include in my music videos.

Thanks, @steban

Yes, it’s a one-man-band thing. I tend to prefer working alone but I wouldn’t mind having some help from my two brothers who are both musicians. On the other hand when you’re working alone, you don’t have to compromise. Then again, you have nobody to confirm that your creative choices and mixing choices are good or acceptable. It’s nice to have others opinions sometimes.

Well, for this cover you nailed it, dude! I also work mainly alone, but whenever I do find others to contribute I am usually benefitting from their ideas. Most people have their own projects and not enough time as it is to get to their own music, but sometimes, especially when an idea is interesting but has not found its final form, the other person can figure it out much faster.

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