A Guitar Experiment

A Guitar Experiment


The fact that you have amps and recording equipment! I myself have one table, a laptop, monitors and a guitar!


Even though the tracks are from a DI , in the end you would not know if the final track was a real amp, a processor, or a plug-in.


I’ll definitely try out the guitar tracks in the mix contest, but I also wanted to try out my own GP-10’s guitar modelling as well. Again - no pressure for anybody to have to record stuff and no hurry to get any of this done.


I think @Fishmed’s idea of using the contest files is really excellent. Ready made test files on tap immediately, just what you need!



Looking forward!

I can try to help if it’s still needed.



Thanks - basically I’m gong to try with the Personality guitars, although we’ve all no doubt heard them about a thousand times each. Basically if somebody would record some simple chord progressions / rhythms / licks (using traditional recording methods) I want to try out my GP-10’s guitar and amp modelling and see if people can actually spot the difference.


I’ll check back sounds interesting.


Alrighty. Got a good six or seven amps rounded up, and the rig is set up. Gonna actually try this in the next few days.


Cool! That’s great my friend. So the idea is that nobody will hear any recordings until the real and virtual amped guitars are both recorded. I’ll then present them to the forum and people can then give their opinions as to which recording is which.

On a technical note - it would be good to have some playing with chords - arpeggios and picked notes. Just so that I’ve got nowhere to hide when it comes to recreating the “real” guitar sounds.

Thanks again!


@madpsychot I posted some clips here…some are “clean”…maybe useful.