A Gravelly Rock Mix

Happy Thanksgiving Yall! Bored and waiting for my baked bird so took the time to polish a rock mix.

This mix was done on earbuds so need some more ears on this. Thanks!

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Fantastic clean mix

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That is some incredible mixing skills you have there .

thank you for the encouragment ! I recently rediscovered how much I used to enjoy mixing rock. Its like a workout for the ears :muscle: I stepped away from it for quite sometime but its like your first love that never really goes away :sweat_smile:

Sounds really good! Nothing is poking out in a bad way at all. My only suggestion would be to make the chorus section hit harder. The guitars could use more energy. Love the low end on this. You’ve got the rhythm section rumbling right along nicely.

It doesn’t sound like you need the new “CLA Depth” plugin at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

What song is this?

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Song is spark from a stem challenge at the amc

Haha! I have obviously NOT done that challenge yet. :slight_smile:

Yikes… so clear. Really enjoyed that. Every instrument is so clean and distinct. I listen on little JBL LSR305’s and it was nice and punchy too! I thought it sounded great!

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Hey, didn’t expect this result as a first try!!
Very impressive, the balance is very nice and I didn’t find nothing wrong with it, only different matter of taste.
I found the kick very clicky and for some songs this is required but I found it way too obvious here.
In the same idea, I wish the snare drum to be strong in the mix, not louder but it could get a bit more snap to counterbalance the kick sound.
I really like the overall balance but the bass guitar sounds very muffled and shy to me, I’d like more mid freqs to make it more obvious in the mix and create the well-known rock wall-of-sound.

By the way, the song is really great and you did a very nice mix with it, congrats!!

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Hey, I’m late to the party, but who cares? It is a very nice mix, I really like the voice treatment, and everything has a focused area to sit in the mix.
If I was to look for something to work on, it would only be a matter of taste. The low end is very good, but maybe a little bit more of the meat of the kick and a touch of articulation on the bass would be nice. I:m getting used to a sub with my monitors, so it may be a subjective thing, but the bass may be hitting right where the kick is.
Very minor suggestion for a very focused mix, nice job.

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