A Contest with No Prize? Winner will have 2 Bare Hands, I guess! 🤨

A Contest with No Prize? Winner will have 2 Bare Hands, I guess! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

C’est la vie…Here’s my attempt!..

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I love the title you came up with. I guess I should come up with some sort of prize. lol

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It doesn’t really worry me, to be honest - I just thought it made for a more interesting title - Especially since I exhausted all my bear/bare pun ideas!

Maybe we can settle for boasting rights…


Yeah it has just been fun seeing people get involved and having something going on.

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Dude … that 3D tone you had at 2:15 to 2:40 was the best ever… If you had mixed it with THAT all the way thru I woulda given it a 10.


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I am really liking the balance overall and the edge of the bass. That is nicely done. This mix is tight and after working on it for a bit it sounds a little too tight but that is probably because i have being a mixing a much looser version. Nice work as usual.

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I haven’t had a chance to wade through everyone’s bashes, so this is my first time around listening to these mixes. …and this is why I wonder why I even bother entering myself… :wink:

It’s amazing the clarity you got out of this mix! The tones and instruments are all right there - great job on the vocal too. That was a hard one! You even got the audience sounding good too. Well done! Cheers!

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You are so talented, Andrew. This is nice.

Great balance all attend. I love the power of the hot when all the instruments when they come in at 0:30. EQ on the vocals is wonder, as well as how it stirs in the mix. And that subtle touch with the point pong echo at 01:00 and 2:20 and 2:55 is also nice. A neat touch and not overdone. I don’t have my Sennheisers with me so for all I know maybe that’s going on all the time with the vocals. I can’t tell with these headphones. Only thing is the vocals could have used a touch more editing when they first came in in the beginning. We all had to deal with that.

You kept the ambience of the background noise and natural reverb without letting it get muddy.

Like how you wanted and processed the snare.

Just an all around good mix.

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Nice exiting mix Andrew .Enjoyed it

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