A Confused Mind - new mix

A Confused Mind - new mix


Hello guys!

Finished a new mix from an old song so it fits better in my next album. Trying to describe how a traumatic event affects the mind sometimes. I feel it as a simple song and simple lyrics, but guess the experience may vary. Any feedback is welcome!




I am digging it. I find that the vocals are too dry. There are times when the some parts of words are sticking out. Some more heavy handed compression maybe even compress the crap out of it with parallel compression and see what that sounds like. Also some fun delays would fit the song vibe better to my mind. Thanks for sharing.


Nice feedback! I’ll give a try and play a bit with some delays in some parts (and the parallel compression).




Hi Really liking the guitars and production. You might want to slightly tweak the vocal pitch. Also a little varied melody line differential would help rather than just following along. I think this would work great for tv without the vocal. Or some ooo’s and aaa’s like background vocals incorporating harmonies. good start and nice meeting you



Thank you Paul! Nice idea about a version for licensing, I’ll try it out.

I’m tempted to add more arrangements, but not sure yet. I’ll let you know. Nice meeting you too!



Your main guitar parts that come in right away strike me as accents more so than a main part. Especially with the hard(?) L/R panning. The modulation is nice but maybe they could use some reverb? I’m missing a sense of space in the mix. It all feels like it’s right in my face.

If you’re thinking about playing with the arrangement a bit, I would try adding an instrument that can be a bit more meaty/rythmic (like rhythm guitar or rhythm piano) and panned closer to the center, and then take your L/R guitar parts and push them back with some reverb.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m missing the sense of rhythm and space. I also think the track could build a little more because there’s a lot of tension there and to me it doesn’t really resolve.

I know these are vague references, but I’m thinking a bit more of a Ben Howard type treatment, or Daughter. They are both fantastic at creating rich atmospheric songs, if you’re familiar. It’s hard to pick one song because it’ll never be quite the right reference! But here’s one I heard recently from Ben Howard that I think has a great atmosphere.

Anyway I hope that’s useful!