A collab before and after

A collab before and after


I had this tune called kissin on you. I am a former member (finally ducked out) of Taxi. I wrote a tune called kissin on you and this dude sent a slide guitar part across the pond from England. I heard some of you gag when I said slide guitar. Anyhow, it was great playing and I added to the break and outro. He was upset a bit about me hiding the volume as I sung the last bit, I felt bad about it, but toned it down anyway. He never commented again?? Oh well. I think the slide comes in about 2 minutes. The song was in Eb. That must have been a little tougher for him? The second one has the slide.


seems like a decent level for the slide.


This was a lot of fun to listen to, Paul! The lyrics are silly innocent and sincere. A nice cadence. And all the guitars! A rather pretty melody delivered with plenty of panache. The slide was indeed a nice touch. Maybe on an extended version you could get his last verse in, hehe.


Thanks for the listen and comments steban. One day I saw a guy who walked up to a gal who was talkin up a storm with a girlfriend. I could tell he did not know her. He just stood there with his hand on his chin with a smile on his face. I thought to my self that he was thinkin he wanted to kiss her right off. Sooo “can I please start kissin…kissin on you…just a lil ole kiss, that’s all I wann do” was born in my mind. ha ha It was fun


I really like the slide… it’s cute and cheesy but it is nicely done! Am not so keen on the vox fx sound in the second version though, not sure what you have done there but it misses the sweetness of your original vox for me. ahh I hear that they are in different keys, are they separate vocal takes? It’s a cool cheeky song that you manage to get away with rather charmingly and yes, it sounds nice with the sliding around sounds… :sunglasses:


Hi Emma It’s cheesy big time. Ha ha It’s funny about that second voice. The dude that shipped over the slide said he would do it if I included his vocal in one of the choruses??? Since we parted ways, I will remove that. ha ha I thought the chorus might be a little catchy?? I liked the story line cuz I still fall in love at first glance sometimes. blush I was thinking of you clinking around in the studio. You must try to make a little ditty in a quiet way. Hard for me to explain that. Unusual like you etc:) Hi to Hayden


ahh collaborations can be tricksy things haha :roll_eyes:
and “clinking around in my studio” is a grand description!
I am working (as usual) on about 4 different things at once… snipping and snapping moments here and there and trying to remember that I am a creative vibrant human being!
Work is crazy busy, families are high needs beasts as well as vehicles of fabulous loveliness. But summer is here, the garden is burgeoning chaos and I have now started a new year, filled with hope and promise!
All the very best to you and yours - I LOVED Washington DC by the way… had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the warmth and niceness of the American people that I met… it was a wonderful trip. :sunglasses: