A birthday song to myself done 10 years ago today

I thought back then I was old. Feel ancient now. Timing way off on this.


beautful! and happy birthday :birthday:

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Sounds quite nice. Timing is good enough for me. Nice guitar playing, singing, and audio quality. :slight_smile:

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First of all happy 71 'st birthday! :moon_cake: :birthday: :cake: (you’re 61 in song right?) Secondly, this is just what I needed from mixing rock and metal all day! Definitely some fresh air for me. I really love how you performed it and the sounds are awesome. I love the sound of the acoustic guitar and especially your voice. Your voice actually sounds similar to young John Lennon. I don’t know if everyone will agree but to me, it definitely does :wink: Cheers and I’m wishing you more blessings to come in life :slight_smile: