$99 upgrade to Ozone 8 or Neutron 2

If anyone’s interested, audiodeluxe.com has a sale going on allowing an upgrade from Ozone Elements or Neutron Elements to Ozone 8 or to Neutron 2 for $99.

So for those of us who got the free offering of Ozone Elements or Neutron Elements, here’s a pretty easy path to the full version!

I’m wondering if I should do it – or if so, which one would be money better spent – cuz, thing is, I just picked up a ton of stuff on Black Friday, including Waves’ Gold Bundle + RenMaxx Bundle, and their Classic Compressors Bundle, and Scheps Omni. Haven’t even had a chance to do anything with those yet!

Overkill for me at this point? Thoughts?

I’m thinking I really need to learn how to use the stuff I’ve got. But maybe this would help me as a teaching tool?

I got the update at Sweetwater, I think $89.
Ozone Elements didn’t seem to do anything for me, so I had to go up another notch as I wanted the capability.

Nice. Great price. Bummer, but now Sweetwater is selling the upgrade for $199. Same with PluginBoutique and a few others.

So are you pleased with Ozone 8? Do you recommend? Did you do Neutron 2 as well?

I’d be interested in folks’ opinions as well… I’ve been looking at the them and trying to decide if it’s something I want to dump the capital on

I can only speak to Ozone, since I don’t have Neutron, and I only have Ozone 5 at that. I know Ozone 8 has more cool stuff in it but I haven’t been tempted to upgrade. Frankly, I used Ozone 5 for quite awhile after I got it some years go, and I like it just fine. I still use it sometimes, but for some reason have gotten away from it for the most part. It’s kind of like one of those cool Christmas toys you play with for like a week, then it sits on the shelf. :smirk:

For a person who doesn’t have a lot of plugins, and a lot of G.A.S. pulling at them, it could really be marvelous. It’s bunch of tools in one place; just take the time to learn them (“learning curve”) and use that for many of your mixing and mastering tasks. It’s like the big elephant in the room … and if you choose to acquire lots of baby elephants they can be lots more fun to play with than the big hairy one. :grin: You can use Ozone on individual instruments or busses, though the CPU load can be comparatively heavy for just one plugin. Now, that one plugin does a LOT, but just FYI. It probably works best on the Master Bus as a composite of all the plugins you might put on there anyway … or use it to Master a stereo mix track after you’re all done. I think that’s what it was primarily designed for anyway. For someone, a one-person band for example, that just wants to get a good mix with minimal plugins and export their .wav file, then use Ozone for self-mastering, it’s probably a gem and a candidate for continuous dedicated use.


I would say learn and use the plugins that you already have. This sale is not too good to pass up. There will always be another sale. :slight_smile:


Thanks. :+1:

Thank you! I had kinda thought the same thing. I’ve been watching a ton of videos on Ozone. I have a shit-ton of plugins and while the GAS is strong, I’m not even sure how much use Ozone would get when I have plenty of other options (that I’m WAY more familair with) for the tools it comes with.

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Ozone 8 runs super sluggish on my PC and it is the only plugin that does so.

I find the older version that I had bundled with Sony Sound Forge 10 much easier to use.

I don’t know what is going on in my case but I have to crank my latency all the way to the right and still I get an occasional pop and crackle. Trying to bring it up, the system spends some time spinning while I am thinking that the project might crash. I’ve tested it only thru my spare audio interface but that is some strange behaviour.

I think they spent a lot of real estate and GPU on graphics and honestly a lot of the effects are overly complicated or not too well explained. It also has a “robo mix” feature where it will ask you some questions and try to apply what it thinks is best for the song.

For $99 I ok with it, for $199 I’d probably be pissed for spending that much :slight_smile: