974dB - Mixing with too many cats

974dB - Mixing with too many cats



Thanks for that mixing contest. :slight_smile:

Here is my mix.

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I added nothing to the production. Just because I am too lazy and have too many cats to feed.
I chose to make a “clean verse / saturated chorus” approach, because I liked the sound of the"clean" moments.
It also brought variation to the song, so I took the risk of being heavily bashed by a big Al who rocks.

I know how difficult it is to judge mixes when you compare them directly.
I think you have to listen to each one with fresh ears.
By example, from the moment you listen to another mix with say too much mids or highs, this one becomes dull and light. But with fresh ears I think it’s how I wanted it to sound (from the sources I had).

Mixing contests are more an art form than a quantizable competition, so I just wanna say thanks again and good luck to everybody!

See you soon,


Good mix overall. I like the short delay on the guitars. Nice full sounding kick, but together with bass they take over the whole mix (was it intentional?). Drums seem completely dry in the very beginning. Did you tune the low vocs?


I like what you have going on here. Nice movement into the chorus. I think you could have used the guitars a little more in the verses and the bridge. I think that the bass is a little muddy, I don’t know without trying it but i think you could have scooped out more in the 400 hz range is still had a power present bass. Good stuff thanks for sharing.


Thank you!
It would be pretentious to say that something you don’t like is intentional. :slight_smile:
I’ve just “tuned” one of the 2 low vocs.


Mixing what we have was my strategy and laziness.
So I agree with you that the result isn’t perfect with the muddy bass.
That one is a challenge! :wink:


A decent mix overall. Here a few things that I thought needed improvement.

  1. The jump from clean guitars straight to an almost metal sounding guitar-scape is really jarring. It’s disjointed from the song and doesn’t feel right. It’s really abrupt.

  2. The song is pretty bass heavy in spots. The low-end just needs taming.

  3. The vocals sound too direct. It’s good for the vocals to be the star of the show, but they just poke out in not a good way. Could use a little cushion.

  4. The acoustic guitar is very stringy in the high-end. Simple EQ and some tape saturation should solve that.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts. Good luck!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I learn from every comment and your points are certainly valid.

The whole mixes convey attitude and emotions with their quality and defaults.
I am not sure if a “technically perfect” mix could lead to the different feelings we both obtained, yours being rock (and appreciated for that).
Of course I could hear that we have different taste, on the vocal position and whole aesthetic.

But I also wonder if we could agree more if we would listen to the same monitoring system…

Good luck to you too!


I like the delay guitar effect on the intro and verses and nice contrast when the chorus kicks in. I maybe would have picked a 3rd or different kind of effect for the bridge. Bass comes in a bit strong at parts but not unpleasant.

Thanks for sharing


Just gave this a good listening - Here’s some feedback.

I love the kick drum and snare. They fit really nicely in the mix.
The main melody guitar has a lovely quality, but gets lost at the start. When the vocals start, you hear this lovely layer effect with the different guitar. The chorus has a beautiful lift, and fits perfectly into that song. The contrast between verse and chorus is something I could learn a lot from.

For the bridge, I think the low voices are just a tad too loud, but when the solo comes in I must applaud you for the delicate touch with the tone of the guitar and rhythm guitars. Overall really nice. Listening to it on headphones, I notice there’s a lot of build up in the lows and low mids. That starts to overwhelm the song especially after the solo for me.

But overall, a heck of a lot that I listened to and will try out in my own mixes. A really good effort I think!


Kick and snare sounds very good, but I don’t think this song sounds good with a clean mix like this.

I think it asks for more energy!!





The guitars are entirely too low in the intro, verses and solo. I hate to say something so objective when everyone has really cool subjective approaches to their mixes, but the rest of your mix is super dope to me and that just ruins it for me. Maybe I’m crazy…


Thanks Evildrumology. I keep the good part of your comments and I welcome your precise suggestion. Maybe you’re not crazy…