6 weeks of stressful mixing - Modern Metal

Hey guys,

I hope all is fine and Happy Holidays!

This mix is a continuation of my previous post.
I’ve been working on it for a total of 6 weeks more or less.
Been experimenting with a lot new plugins with this song. I tried not to use the ones that im used to for learning purposes. And to be honest, I lost a lot of hair while at it. :tired_face:
How’s it doing on your end? I hope you can help me out.
Cheers! :beers::beers::beers:


This sounds good in the earbuds I’ve plugged in to my work laptop.

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Hey Brian,

At this point in time, I can’t be of any great help in the mix dept, as I’m listening on unfamiliar headphones, and I’m away from my studio speakers. But I wanted to listen to see how this had progressed.

The production overall sounds really polished. A lot of attention to detail and care taken obviously. I sounds great on these cans. Very catchy tune too.

Good stuff!

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the input. Yes it was a lot of work but I learned a lot. I also learned that fab filter plugins eat a lot of CPU. lol.
I really paid attention to the details you gave me the last time. the 100-120 hz was really crucial. The bass kick and the low end of the guitars were really fighting in that area. To solve the problem, I sidechained the bass to the kick and sacrificed the low end of the guitar to the point that its not interfering anymore. you tip was golden and I thank you for that. cheers andrew @ColdRoomStudio !


Thanks @BigAlRocks! if incase you hear anything wierd, just let me know. cheers!

Hey Brian, just having another listen to this on my studio setup. Still sounding great from this end…

One thing I noticed: The top end of the guitars seems to be really competing with the cymbals for frequency space. I wonder if doing a bit of a low pass on the guitars might help the cymbals cut through the mix a bit more clearly?

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Hi Andrew wow you really have sonic ears. I checked the guitars in the spectrum and saw peaks at around 10-12k. they are poking up to -4db. haven’t checked it before since i though I was safe with the low pass on the guitar master buss. I lowered the low pass to 9k and those bright uneeded frequencies are gone now. It also made the guitars more up front and IMO heavier. Thanks for the tips andrew. you are the most awesome of all! :smiley: here’s the mix with your suggestion:


Definitely better - there is still quite a bit of a bump around the 100-250hz mark that is making the mix slightly boomy, but it’s definitely close. Maybe check it on some car speakers against a reference.

sounds good, my ears arent good enough to say anything more lol

if ANYTHING maybe the hi hats from about :40 to the about 1:02ish chorus might be a little too prominent. seems they make the listener focus on them rather than the vox or guitars

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Hi I guess I can’t help much, but I just wanted to say it sounds dang good to me. Sounds live to me. congrats



Again and again, top job to me.
Like many of your work, but I crank the volume up many times :wink:

The really like thing I found a bit odd is during the soft part at the beginning (starting at 0:30), the clean guitar and/or bass sound weird to me, some kind of mid-heavy thing… but I think it’s better contrasts with the next section.

Again, great mix and very very nice song!

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sounding good! I do agree that guitars are bleeding a bit into the cymbal zone, drowning them out a bit

2:49 lead guitar solo is a bit drowned still, the harmonics in it are a wee bit thin, could be a bit too much high pass on it. Needs a bit more fattening for my taste. its a good solo, deserving to be heard. So probably needs to cut through more.

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