50% Off Melda Plugins

Use code MELDA2490257 at checkout. New customers get a 20% discount.*


I assume it’ll work with the Eternal Madness Discount too. If you’re not familiar with that - every week 4 plugins are discounted 50%. So if you’re patient, you can wait for the plugins you want to go on sale for 50% off. He usually puts everything on 50% on Black Friday too. So it pays to be patient!

Mods, if this is not OK, please let me know and I’ll remove this post.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I get a 10% credit if you use the code above. So it’s not totally altruistic on my part. :roll_eyes:

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Just a heads up: MAutoVolume is on the Eternal Madness Discount sale this week. (1/2 off) If you’re thinking about a gain-riding plugin, you should consider this one. MAutoVolume is one of my most used plugins. At least one instance shows up on every mix. Whether it’s automatic vocal riding, bass riding, non-compressor leveling or ducking a track - MAutoVolume is super simple to use and just works. One guy has even figured out how to use it as a de-esser.

Another one on sale this week is MDelayMB. I don’t own it, but someone posted a tutorial on it. It shows how configurable and deep these plugins are. He’s got me thinking about this one…


Have you used the Waves Vocal Rider? Does it work similar to that? Do you have to make a Send from all other tracks to a buss for the MAutoVolume side-chain? I don’t use Vocal Rider anymore, but was wondering if there was another product like it because I was missing that functionality. It sounds like this might be the one.

I’ve never used Vocal Rider but yeah, it’s the same idea, only MAutoVolume is more versatile. Side-chaining it is similar to other plugins. You put it on the track you want to gain ride then add a Send from the track you want it to listen to. Once you get used to how it works, it’s stupidly simple, which is good for me! :wink:

I’m happy to send along tips I’ve compiled from various forums if anyone wants them. They are not super organized but give a good idea of different ways to use it.

Also, you can demo the Melda plugins too. But if you do, when you install, only pick the one you’re about to demo because you’ll quickly run out of time if you try to demo them all…

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With Vocal Rider, you were supposed to route all tracks (at least any pertinent ones in the mix) to an internal Bus and use that for a side-chain to the plugin. It could also be a full sub-mix buss I suppose - the idea is you want the plugin to see all the louder elements of the mix so it can respond accordingly. Or whatever tracks worked for that particular situation. I’m guessing this would be the same.

When does this particular sale end, which day/date?

I see a Ducking button on there. Does it do side-chain ducking similar to a compressor (i.e. duck the bass to let the kick drum come through)? If so, that could be really handy as well.

Honestly I’ve never used this feature. According to the manual here:

…instead of increasing input volume when the background (sidechain) volume increases, it attenuates the input.

For me, I typically “pre-level” a track before it hits a compressor, then my main vocal usually gets an instance side-chained to my “All Music” bus so it stays on top.

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There’s a count down on the website, currently it has 1 day, 0 hours, 56 minutes to go on this particular “sale”.

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Right. If you put it on a bass track and did that with kick drum as sidechain it should do what I described earlier; duck the bass out of the way during kick hits. I like the idea that this plugin does it with volume control rather than a compression side-chain, which is the classic method.

Thanks, I hadn’t even looked at the website home page, just the plugins.

After writing this yesterday, I was thinking “and why not?”! All I can say is that I automatically reach for the Studio One compressor specifically for doing my “ducking” only because that is the first way I learned to do it and it is super easy to do. But this conversation has got me curious to see how MAutoVolume will sound in comparison.

Another Melda feature that I have never seen talked about and is buried on their website is the “plugin kernel” which is a huge thing for my lame CPU. This is a great idea, especially for a company that offers such a comprehensive array of plugins.

Anyway, I’m going to go try play with ducking with MAutoVolume. :grin:

Bump. I was going to post this, but remembered MAutoVolume was actually on sale earlier this year. (?) Great deal on a great plugin. Use the code “MELDA2490257” for an extra 20% off!

…Heads up for any Melda fans. ALL Melda plugins and bundles will be 1/2 off from Sept 3-9th! (Who needs Black Friday?)

Are you just manually adjusting at this point? Just curious :slight_smile:

All my Waves plugins are old, 32-bit I think, and I’m trying to be fully 64-bit on everything now. I got tired of their install games too, but just about everybody has these ‘management’ tools that are a PITA, no getting around it I guess. The Platinum Bundle sale seems like quite a steal though, wondering if there’s a ‘catch’.

i got the Melda MAutoVolume back during that sale and use it and like it.

@Stan_Halen - Here are a couple of MMAutoVolume tutorials if you haven’t found them yet. :+1:


Thanks! I read the manual and got pretty proficient with it, but I can see it has more potential uses too.

re: The second tutorial above: I tried it out and side-chained a lead vocal to to a “music” buss last night to keep it on top. It worked really well - until the music gets quiet. Now I need to adjust my lower threshold and/or dynamic range so the lead vocal doesn’t get so quiet when the side-chained music does. Otherwise, it works beautifully with the loud swells in the music and feels like a good and dynamic solution as opposed to the reverse - ducking the music when the vocal is present. dunno.

…after fiddling a bit, I ended up doing what I usually do, and that is to side-chain a compressor on the music buss to the lead vocal. I mean, after you go to all the trouble to level and get the vocal where you want it, why not just push the level of the music down and out of the way when you need to?

You may have figured this out, but any time you want to post stuff like this feel free. I think its good for people who need them and its good to have conversations about plugin manufactures that bring substantial value to a recording market. No one yet has spammed these adds to the point they’ve gotten out of hand, so if you see great deals like this share away!

Thanks Jonathan. Also, this sale is over. But if anyone missed out, Melda usually puts everything back on sale around Black Friday…