5 from the same band to bash

Found these files on my laptop from last year or so. Had another run at them with my current rig:

Here’s a link to all 5…

the two up here are really good songs, I like the arrangements and the general groove of both songs. The mixes are certainly solid. The only thing that bothers me is there is something in the high frequency that keeps me from really turning the volume up. I have a pair of Beyer DT770 headphones that if the high frequency sits right, I can turn up as loud as I please. Can’'t quite get there with these. That said, the overall mix is really well balanced. The instrumentation sits nice against the drums and the vocals never get buried. Really a nice job!

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Good stuff man. Really like the second one. Wild bass Congrats



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These sound cool. Only listening on cheap speakers, so I can’t give much in the way of deep insights.

Only thing I noticed from this POV is that the first track posted here has some sort of modulation effect on the LV, which tends to obscure some words just a tad - eg the word “see” @ 24 secs sounds like it gets “swallowed” on these speakers. Small stuff really.

Is this your band? In any case, nice work!

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Thanks buddy! Is that high end thing in the “hurt range” or higher up in the buzz your ears" range? :slight_smile:
I do have a LPF way up top (22.5K or so) so I’m assuming it’s lower than that. But if it’s way up there, it could be the result of the LPF. I’ll have to listen again on earbuds…
Thanks again

No… not my band… :frowning: The band is Wirehead out of the UK.
The modulation is hard tuned vox mixed with untuned (or naturally tuned). A sort of recurring theme of mine. It’s hard to put that cat back in the bag for me. I just like it… :slight_smile: I don’t hear the dropouts on any of my speakers… I’ll have to listen on the iphone later…
Thanks, Buddy

Thanks, Buddy!
Yup… they use Live Bass and a synth bass in a lot of their tracks. I like it a LOT… :slight_smile:

No worries. I must admit to not being a big fan of chorus on vox, except for special effect. That said, I usually use Microshift as a widener, but I set it so it’s virtually undetectable as an overt effect.

Interesting approach using the tuned an untuned vocal… I actually came up with something along those lines a few years ago - I call it “Robot Reverb”. I put a T-pain style autotuner on the reverb send only, then mix the “robot reverb” really subtly underneath the vocal. It creates this really interesting “halo” around the vocal, which can work really well under certain circumstances.

Wow… that’s funny… I started doing"my" trick by just sending it to the verb and leaving the original dry…
And at first I did it to mono gtrs and sent hypertuned verb to the opposite side…
I also have a simulated h3000 thing in my template and almost every LV has at least a little. I use the waves doubler for that just one band a few cents up and another down.
Gotta try going full t-pain into verb… thanks for the tip…

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OK finally got 2 of the others to upload… the other one is too big a file. I’ll do it at 192 and see if it works later

Huh! That’s a coincidence!

I just remembered, I actually have some examples of it in action on my Soundcloud page (only I called it “Ghost Autotune”:

Dry Vocal:

“Ghost Autotune” only

Combined Dry & "Ghost Autotune"

A more overt example:

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Super cool effect! I definitely like the subtle one. I may have to try that some time!!

OK one more time… trying to get all 5 mixes in one post:

Sorry for the delay. The sound I am hearing is in the 3-5K area, up near the top end of the snare and upper regions of the guitars.

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Yup… there’s a LOT of 5K in the gtrs and I have the snare hitting a 1073 in parallel pretty hard. I needed it for one of the tunes. But it might be overcooked to varying degrees in the others… :slight_smile:Thanks, Bud

It’s probably a matter of a few dB. You could do it at the 2 bus level but it might be worth try one instrument at a time, just to see if bringing it down on one at a time helps.

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Yup… already done. I had 5k on the gtr buss, 5K on a pultec and 5k on api’s and ssl’s on the tracks. 5K on the top of the kick, too :slight_smile:I dealt with the snares as needed for each song
Thanks again

You bet.