4th song of New Album, Mix 1 - "Fade"

4th song of New Album, Mix 1 - "Fade"

Hey one not advance is a big deal. I sing better falsetto as of late. Four beers i can sing high D, and a six pack I go to the twelfth and sing crazy on you by Heart…but not for long :slight_smile:
You have a voice that has to be showcased. If you listen to most song when you are out and about, the vocal usually dominates the mix IMHO.
I wrote a song today and I couldn’t get the printer to work. (just transfered to my other daughter in Texas) I downloaded drivers and they wiped out other things. I did a restore to before I did the download and it wiped out my word document with the new song. It was good and I can’t get it back. Ha ha welcome to old age. Keep em commin bud

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Ooh this is sounding so slick… cool smoooth vocals!!
Loving the sleepy hay-making vibe at the beginning , the sleek dreamy slidery of the guitars and the Neil Finn edge to the vox… And the transition to raw grit edge is so nicely done… lovely ‘fade away’ s floating ethereally…
Fab guitar twisting and melodic turning. Everything feels very nicely integrated to my ears, enjoyed it very much. Length feels very natural and easy to listen to.

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Wow thank you Em! Love your descriptions!

If the van is rockin’ don’t bother knockin’! :grinning:

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Haha!.. Definitely… 'cause the volume will melt your face!..

For example: (@danmanisa )


Missed this earlier. Quite possibly.Though I only hear the issue in the section I mentioned. I just think it could be that the guitar sound is simply too close. I gave it a second listen. He is also spot on about the snare, but it works.

… and I love your abode and the setup!

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Oh, I just had another listen, I was thinking of a different section… I think I know what might have happened there - cool.

Yeah, I think I might do a little more automation on the drums to get them to sit back a little more in the mellower parts.

Ha, thanks… well it works, I guess… (kinda!)

Love the clip!!! So good!

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Haha thanks! Whatever gets the job done, hey!

Wow, great tones everywhere, I really how everything work together and how the mix all of these into one song.
Very great arrangement and guitar performances, I don’t know why but it reminds me of some early Dire Straits albums… maybe the obvious Fender stratocaster guitar tone.
Just one thing about the length of the song: first lyric starts around 1 minute and the some lead guitar melodies before that sound very similar to the section after the first verse. Is this something done in purpose or it just happens like that :confused:

By the way, great writing, recording and mixing skills, obviously!