2x10" cabinet

Hi there,

I always wanted to build my own guitar cab. I’d like something smaller than my 4x12" Marshall.

I would like to go with 2 ten inch drivers, to get a bit more punch out than 12".

Anyone ever tried guitar cab with 10" speakers?

Any speaker recommendations? I thought about combining two different type…bad idea?

Any infos or thoughts may help. Thanks !!!


In my experience, I’ve found 2x12’s to have more punch anyway. Currently, I have a Fender 2x12 cab that was meant for the SuperSonic amp in my stash. Can’t imagine why I’d want more punch than that crazy thing, and I think it (in this case) has everything to do with the design of the cabinet itself. I know it has an angled baffle board… To quote Fender:

includes an oversized baffle board with a slight tilt and internal insulation

That’s not to say that it’s punchier than 10" speakers. I totally get what you’re saying. I’m just concerned that a 10" speaker designed for guitar may be much more expensive than the 12" variety (supply&demand). You MAY find that simple tweaks with the actual cabinet design will provide the kind of thing you’re after. What about porting a closed-back cab?

It depends on the amp and the tones you’re after. For some things 10" guitar speakers are great. For some things, nothing beats a 12.

I gig with mid-70s Marshall 8x10 guitar cabs. Yup, 8x10 cabs. They look cool as shit. But they don’t sound anywhere near as good as a 4x12.

dang!!! 8x10. Have a pic? All I can picture at the moment is the ampeg 8x10 bass cab. I’m guessing it’s similar in design.


I’ve always liked the idea of a 2-10" cabinet and have had pretty good results with 4-10" cabs for gtr and Bass.
Haven’t had the same with 2-10" . By the time I get a cab size that sounds solid enough, it’s big enough to shoehorn 2-12"s in it.
If it would be for recording, you almost would be better with a single 10" because 2 10"s don’t really “buy” you anything.
But I’ve also done 2-10"s, 2=12"s and even 2-8"s with 2 different speaker… that’s always fun…
My current main cab is 1-12" greenback and 2-8" with one Jensen and one bulldog. Another good “idea”. But I have both 8’s switched off 99.44% of the time.
But if a 2-10 appeals to you… look at the dimensions of he old music man combos with 2-10"s. They always sounded pretty full even being open back (or semi- open)
I made most of my cabs open back, but with 3-4" slats that can be added to make it closed or removed to make varying degrees of open.
You will never know how it is going to sound until you get it done. But you can always mock it up in mdf for cheap… Give it a shot!
Have fun