2nd mis of the day,Animals

2nd mis of the day,Animals


Work in progress


This song is a difficult one to critique because I am not sure what your goal is for this song. I know WXPN in Philly has a kids hour radio show on a very cool music station. They play kids songs weaved in to the topics the host is talking about. So my first thought was, “This sounds like a song on the show Kids Corner.” I know there is a kids songs market and I could hear this song in there. But my guess is that this was not intended for kids. So going with that assumption I am going to say that the vocals to me stand out in that you have a very strong voice and it has a great tone. What is confusing with the song is that I can’t tell if where you are going with the lyrics, meaning is it supposed to be funny or is there a point behind it? I know that what makes a great song is that you feel very comfortable with the song, there is nothing that rubs you the wrong way. With this song, I find I am not completely comfortable in that I keep listening to see if there is some kind of change or something coming along to change the song so that I know where it is going. So I would say my real issue is that I don’t know if it portrays a clear idea or feeling. Is it a song you get stone to and laugh? Is it a song about the origin of animal species in general? Is it political in that there is a hidden message in there? To end I would say if you post a song for critique, that my critique would be that the song musically shows that you have talent and have been singing for a while but the silly lyrics create a kind of confusion as to what exactly is going on. Frank Zappa was probably king of silly song lyrics yet, you knew what he was doing and where he was going, it is fun to follow along to his lyrics. Even though he is being silly with his lyrics and singing style, he still has a very clear message that he is communicating. It also kind of has a Surf Punks feel to it, another silly lyric band. Everyone’s goals for a song are a little different but I think most of us want others to have a sense of what is going on in the song. I think what you don’t want to do is create a Voynich manuscript in that people are more caught up in trying to decode what you are saying rather than just liking the song.


Hi,i only actually only mixed the track , Cheers for the feedback and having a listen


Sorry about that, I just joined this site and I am still trying to figure out how it all works.


Mixed this track again, I will give mix of the day a rest for a while as I don’t think many people can be bothered to bash mixes on here so its pointless putting them up.


Cool track - The mix sounds very good to me - no criticism on that…

If it were me, I’d get a little creative with the stereo field - maybe make some faux doubles of parts, use some delay and trippy fx to build the arrangement out a bit and keep the interest going.

Nice work!


Welcome James!! Some folks mix sets of tracks that are out there on various websites, provided for that purpose, and lots of us record and mix our own playing and compositions, and pretty much anything in between. Agreed it’s not always clear which is which! In any case, hope you enjoy your time here.