2023 A.I. Song(Help me with Vocals)

I wanted to test google’s A.I. after they said it could write songs. So I let it write the lyrics and I did the rest of the music. Unfortunately I don’t think the mix is good. I don’t usually do vocals and since I haven’t sang since before COVID, my voice is even worse than before. Any help would be appreciated. Any vocal parts that need to be re-recorded?

2nd mix


Lyrics aside, the vocals and overall instrumentation sound really cool. Could be a secret John Mayer tune for sure. A bit of bass guitar in there would be real nice.
A few balance issues going on mix-wise, but nothing that can’t be sorted. Looking at the waveform there’s an extremely abrupt jump in level through the chorus sections across the entire track and it’s very unnatural sounding. Like someone literally turned up the volume knob during those parts.
Tons of potential, but the less AI the better imho.

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@terryhesticles Thanks. Is there anything in particular that is off balance-wise. Perhaps the chorus is a bit too loud. I’ll try to control it a bit. I wanted it to pop out, but maybe it is too much.

Well yeah, it’s way too loud in stark contrast to the rest of the sections, which i would consider to be the biggest issue ‘balance-wise’.
Simply turning up the faders in order to get a section to ‘pop out’ may not be the best strategy.
Okay so upon a bit of inspection inside the DAW looking at your tracks, I can see both the vocals and the guitars have quite a substantial level bump through the chorus sections, and i would consider the bass too low in the mix overall, and it’s (bass guitar) also lacking pretty much zero high-mid information which makes it extremely hard to get to stand out/cut in the mix.
Here’s a mix I put together as a reference for you to help even out those balance issues.
I’ve cut the volume on both the guitars and the vocals through the choruses, I’ve increased the bass volume overall as well as given it a healthy eq push right around 222 Hz
As you can hear from my reference, pulling down both the vocals and guitars didn’t really affect the energy going into those sections, and imo it’s a LOT more pleasing on the ear.
If you want a certain section to ‘pop out’ a bit more, a better way might be to add additional elements to help thicken out the sound e.g a Rhodes organ part through the chorus sections, or possibly another guitar playing a funky lead hook. Anything really, just to help lift the energy of the part.
Hope this helps.

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Good tune here @Chandler and your singing is fine to my ear. The mix could probably be more effective and @terryhesticles has made some good points about getting a better blend. ( Cool work with the stems there Terry!)

Do you use a reference track Chandler? That’s one way to approach things.

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Thanks for feedback. I’ll try to work on it more in the next few days and bring up the bass as well as bring down the chorus sections.

I dig the guitar work on this! I actually get a bit of a Maroon 5 vibe out of this. The mix update is sounding good too. Keep up the good work!