2 songs to review, will return the favor. New as of Feb.23rd!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “Now It Rings True” (has some guitar) is on top, and “For You Know What to Do” (more guitar-oriented) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I promise to return the favor. Here is the link:

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Checking them out right now!

Hi there,

I listened to Now it rings true.

I was quickly captivated after the intro, I like the clean, simple drum groove with the roomy sound and the dreamy synth pad that comes in when you would rather expect a bass or an electric guitar.

The chord progression isn’t original and doesn’t evolve much throughout the song but the original vocals and the eery atmosphere helped maintain my attention.

In the section that starts at 1:22 which I’m not sure you consider as a chorus or a bridge, the bass line sounds a little muddy to my ear, I can’t easily distinguish what notes it plays and it somehow bothers me a bit. I think the kick drum and the bass may be competing too much, and the kick with its big sustain actually wins with a clear lead. Also, at 1:37 the end of the sentence “what you now gonna do” (the word do) sound harsh in the hi-mids.

I like the vintage feel that is further reinforced with the Moog-like solo and its panning effect. To my taste there is a bit too much pitch bending and vibrato (mod wheel?) though.

Overall a nice musical discovery that doesn’t sound too much like anything else!

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! I didn’t see any recent threads from you in this forum, so if you want me to review your music, leave me a link.

Hi AA, I listened to ‘Now It Rings True’ and I thought it was well written, tracked and mixed. I think the song would have commercial potential for an alt-rock/pop audience.

I liked your sound selections, synths mostly, and I liked the vocoder at the beginning. I didn’t like the vocal effects, I’m not sure if your natural voice would be better but often this is the case. The synth and guitar solos were good but the drum track, although appropriate for this tune, was repetitive and monotonous. A little color and variation, some fills, percussion, cymbals, would help a lot there.

Good work!

I appreciate that you listened and replied! Thank you. No vocoder in this particular song, though I understand why you might think it is one. I will now see if I can track down your music…yes, I just commented on your collaboration thread that was back in November.

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