2 songs to check out! Will return the favor! New Jan. 9th

I put 2 songs in my music website: the song at the top is “Don’t Let Him Take You Down” and the next song down is “Save Me From The Wrong”. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:


Wow, your vocals stands out in “Don’t Let Him Take You Down”. The high notes are sweet, and the screams are not piercing at all. The instruments are laid very well. I love that the vocals are above the mix. And the guitar solo is lovely, always like the guitar execution on your songs.
The bass is so cool in the “Save Me From The Wrong”.
This song is more melodic and has the tribal vibe, I like it!!!
Another guitar solo artwork.
Happy New Year, Aaron. Wishing you the best for 2023!!!
Stay safe and keep healthy!!!

This rocks heavily, dude, but I found the vocals a little bit muffled and hard to understand at times. The instruments were very clean. I think the lyrics are religious references, but it isn’t clear to what end yet to me.

And I can understand the words in this one, and I get the impression it also is discussing right and wrong as well, and I’m not sure of the context.

But the music is grand for both! I feel like you have sampled Dark Side of the Moon and turned it into a wild synth. And the guitars are dark metal with tons of impact.

There’s lots of development, Aaron, but I think they both need some extra focus on the message to be catchier.

Thank you for reviewing both songs, I appreciate it!

Thank you for listening to both of my songs. I appreciate it! I prefer to be a bit vague about the lyrics and let the listener decide what they mean. I did not sample any Pink Floyd, but I used software by EastWest that samples three different Black women singers, one of which has sung for Pink Floyd in the past.

Hi Aaron I am well aware that i missed your last post. Things not going well as of late. Loved the intro in don’t let. 'takes too long to hear your vocal. yur high notes are unbelievable.

Hope things go better for you soon. Thank you for checking out “Don’t Let Him Take You Down”. I appreciate your comments.