2 songs to check out! Will return favor! New March 10th!

The song on top is called “The Tank of The Shark” and the lyrics have to do with me actually snorkeling in the Georgia Aquarium with two Whale Sharks (one is 27 feet long!), three Manta Rays (one has a 17 foot wing span!), a Sawfish (about 8 feet long), two Black Tipped Reef Sharks (one about 7 feet long), and hundreds of big fish! The photo below is me swimming with one of those Whale Sharks. The next song down is called “Found Today When I Was Earlier Lost”. Please tell me how you like the music and how they can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:


That’s punk rock as hell brother, I’ll definitely be cranking this sweet number for all the sharks out there.

Hi. Found today had some great sounds goin on but it was hard to keep my interest .

The shark song first sounded like a church intro until it got goin. like this one and the images it created in my mind.
I currently have no songs to review…In a doldrum keep at it ole friend

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Hi Aaron,
Always have a grand time with your posts!
Love the guitar track, and the vocals on “Found Today”. The beat is so cool, love this song.
On the first track, the church intro was cool, and the guitar is once again very nice.
The vocals can actually come down a bit, in the mix, on the “The Tank of the Shark”.
You are a lovely talent, and I love your work!!!
Thanks for sharing, Aaron!!!

Rene and feaker,
Thank you for listening to both songs and reviewing them, I appreciate it!

terryhesticles (hahaha),
Thank you for listening, and commenting, I appreciate it!