2 songs to check out! Will Return Favor! New Feb. 9th!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “My Point of View” is the song on top, and “I Call You” is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

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Hi Aaron,
Always a pleasure to listen to your compositions.
My Point of View sounds so good, and so fun! The electric guitar is quite captivating, it like a wave of a magic wand to get us herded.
I Call You is another gem, and your vocals shine on this song.
Always, the guitar sounds great!
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for checking out both songs and commenting, I appreciate it!

This song has a lot going on that is really incredibly musical, Aaron. The stereo on the drums right away catches my attention, but the bass is like Les Claypool, and the synths are way cool. The lead guitar and rhythm guitar are tasty like Duran Duran. The lyrics are clever, and your delivery is good with the detuned, bent stylizations you are doing, but that is the one part I wonder if you could improve. I hear a Sade a little more tuned version that might really make the song shine.

This is pretty trippy, dude! I like the vibe and flow and melody, and the washy mix at spots works well for the psychedelic effect. The vocals to me needed to be a little more present, on the first listen I had trouble following them. I tried a second time, and I didn’t do much better.

As usual, my friend, each song is a brand new wonderful invention for my ears!

Thank you for reviewing both of my songs, I appreciate it!

Hey man.

On Point Of View - I think the sound effects are 40 sec are kind of cool, but they’re a bit loud in the context of everything.

I like the lo-fi kind of laid back indie gritty muffle across the whole song. Your other stuff isn’t like that, so it seems that was pretty intentional. I like the feel it achieves.

I think your overall mix does need a high-shelf boost to make it a good bit brighter. If you do that on the 2-bus, you can maintain that lo-fi grit, but not lose any of that ‘perfectly imperfect’ flavor that’s giving it character. :slight_smile:

Did you record those drums yourself by chance? I like the little roto tom fills. Pretty cool!

Thank you for checking out my song and reviewing it; I appreciate it! I am not a real drummer. I used the following toontrack software for “My Point of View” drums: EZDrummer 3, Reggae EZX, and Superior Drummer 2. If you have music you want me to review, leave me a link.