2 songs to check out as of 9/13/22; will return the favor!

I put two songs on my music website (both use a vintage synth module for all things instrumental, so don’t expect pristine sound quality); ‘There You Are’ is the song on top, and ‘Tell Me’ is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor! Here is my link:



there is something strangely familiar and at home with this…thats right! It is night time laundry dance day! :basket:

lovin the “Tell Me”… It is officially going to be my ring tone

Hi Aaron,
Great to hear from you.
I agree with FluteCafe, Tell Me is a very catchy instrumental hook, and would be a great ringtone. You are very talented and musically diverse.
Love these recordings.

wow, I didn’t see this right off. Sounds like the guys like this. I do as well. You really have some great supporting background riffs. At first it sounded actually out of tune, and then seemed to get better. Could be my failing brain. I have always liked the feeling/vibe you display in your vocal. A couple pitch issues but not enough to take away from the performance. As they stay at the golden corral…well done:)

My music scrubs laundry clean! Haha. Thank you for listening and commenting, I really appreciate it!

Thank you for checking out both songs and replying, I appreciate it!

Thank you for listening to my music, and reviewing it! I appreciate it! No pitch correction on these 2 songs.

Please tell me about that awesome sounding keyboard bass line in the first song.

What equipment, what EQ, what the heck! Lol.

AND… you had a longer than usual intro… was that intentional for video purposes perhaps?


Both of these songs: everything instrumentally is a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module (circa 1991), even the drums. These recordings are actually on the older side. Originally recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder. But years later, re-recorded them on a Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder. I probably didn’t even EQ anything instrumentally. My vocals had some (optional) VSF8-1 multi-effects. Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! I have never done a music video. Sometimes I do long-ish intros.

Yes, I feel the throwback sound bigtime, dude! It feels like it is from an 80’s movie like Radioactive Dreams which hardly anybody has watched or heard of but this is a lot like what people thought would go well for the zombie apocalypse at the time. I guess it was what they felt many kinds of movies would need for the soundtrack.

Tell Me is so much fun. Lyrics are very clever, Aaron, and the music is a blast! The melody is quite simple but has a lot of hook. All together it makes for a great pop song.

I am always impressed with your synth mastery. There You Are exceeds expectations as you make those old sounds come alive in the 2020s. I think it is much harder to achieve than you make it seem.

Thank you for listening to both of my songs. I appreciate the kind words!

I know of folks who will bypass your song entirely if:

  1. your intro is over 7 seconds or stretching it to 15 seconds, tops.

  2. The chorus or hook of the song is not introduced before the one minute mark.

  3. The intro does not contain elements of the song’s chorus or top melody line.

Songwriters, go figure!

I figure that’s the musical equivalent of taking a shower with a raincoat on. :slight_smile:

I am not including myself/my songs in this statement, but there have been some great classic songs that have long intros. Thank you for the replies: studio and ingolee.

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