12 String Guitar - Short

Hi, am learning how to use DAW. This was recorded on a Zoom H6. Adjusted the volume of the tracks to match. Used a small amount of compression. That was all the effects used. Mixed it using Audacity, am learning that. Is this OK? Am I on the right track (no pun intended)?
Thanks so much!


most music stuff is recorded at about 12-18dB less than what you are seeing on the meters of your recording device. you want to see ALL green, on the meters, maybe an occasional yellow/ orange - nowhere near red … its the road to hell, I promise :slight_smile:

Yeah as @vtr said you can tell that this is recorded super hot and I am waiting for it to clip. Other than that you are heading on the right track. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Thank you vtr. Great advice and I knowwhat you’re talking about so I can do this. Much appreciated.

Thanks redworks. I can do this! I know what you guys are talking about. Much appreciate your advice.

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Hi and nice to meet you. I always set my puter playback(headphones) volume about on 30. That way I can compare when I hear tracks from other folks for overall loudness. I went whooa and grabbed for the mix voulume. Very hot. ha ha Liked the 12 sting (used to own one), however some notes didn’t translate as clean in a few spots. Great that you dug in and posted this. So much to learn and everybody here is helpful.

Yup, you’re on the right track. I’m not familiar with the Zoom H6, but it actually looks pretty cool:

Audacity is an impressive program, but I’d find it difficult to use as a DAW. Have you tried REAPER? Very cheap, highly respected, very professional features with all the plugins you’d ever need, great community support.

Welcome back to IRD. Thanks for the post.

yup www.Reaper.fm is KING… I could record a whole live band pretty well on an H6 - but prob while wishing I had an H8 or H10.