10 FREE Drum tracks

10 FREE Drum tracks (multi-track and stereo tracks) from Drums On Demand. Could be useful for jamming, starting a new song, mixing practice or grabbing some samples if you like 'em.

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I was thinking of making these into samples to put into EZ drummer or SSD5 but I don’t know how to do that. Is this something that can be done fairly easily?

I got it all into the cart, and then the cart is demanding some info on my personal info or paypal etc…etc…

nothings FREE.

Im getting tired of all this “everyone wants all my info for Free stuff…” what are they doing with it?
Its a CART of FREE stuff supposedly, I already gave them my email, now they want personal info or paypal account info?

I think I’ll pass.

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I think I filled it out like I was going to do the non-paypal way. I think I’m on every mailing list out there already anyway… :grinning: