1 free mixing for 1 song

1 free mixing for 1 song


Hello people, how are you? I don’t know if here it’s the right place to post, but I am posting here right now to offer one free mixing service for 1 project, after this service I will charge for more projects, but this project is 100% free with 2 revisions (like the paid ones). If you are interested just leave a pm.


@Mahzin, check out the competition we have going. There are some teams forming for the cover contest, some of them might need mix work? :slight_smile:


I don’t like so much the cover idea, because it involves copyright, but if it’s ok about this, so I can consider mix covers. I don’t understand about the competition, there are teams competing the best covers between the teams?


We’re taking care of the copyright and the site is licensing partial rights to that particular song from the Universal Music Group.

Parody versions of the song (which means lyrics completely changed) are exempt from the licensing process under United States law.

Yes. People can compete as teams of their own choosing or as individuals.