1:1 Mixing lessons?

I ran across this site recently: https://homestudiolessons.com

I love the idea of it. I think that something like this could help me a lot, but I am not sure about the remote aspect. Has anyone used something like this before? I wish I could take lessons like this as easily as I could take guitar lessons, but I am not sure there’s anything near me.

For any of you that mix professionally, would you ever consider teaching lessons out of your studio, or traveling to a student’s home studio to give lessons? I wonder if it’s just something that people don’t think of, or if it’s fundamentally different than teaching guitar or whatever.

I checked out how much the guy from Toronto, Canada was charging…$45 for 30 minutes. Seems a bit steep. For the price I would pass on it. Seems like an interesting idea though. It might be especially good for anyone who lacks the patience to learn on their own and it may speed up the process of learning.

It would have to be a remote access to your computer kind of thing I think. I always find remote access with strangers really creepy for some reason. This is a cool idea though.

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Ha, “Rent-a-Gent” (or Djent :slightly_smiling_face:)

I did an online course with a Pro Tools guru some years ago, when I was still using Pro Tools. Learned some more advanced stuff than I knew at the time.

Lots of stuff is online now. They can screen-share and show you what they’re doing. It would probably be best to just work on one issue you’re struggling with than to take lessons. I think you have to learn a fair amount on your own, then get someone who knows more to help you past a ‘block’ that is impeding your progress. There would be time trying to get to know/like/trust someone and that means time that you’re paying for (unless they’ll do a quick free get-know-you call). But if you can find someone that seems suitable, and go in there to try to improve one skill, you could do that once a week or once a month depending on your budget.

It’s an interesting idea, but I have never heard of this outfit before. There’s one guy with 3 reviews but they were all in one week in July 2018. I would guess these are all freelancers who pay a subscription to that website, hoping to get work from their profile. I wouldn’t do it unless you find somebody that seems like a really good fit, and then try it once to see how you like it.

You use Reaper don’t you? Jon Tidey at ReaperBlog.net gives lessons I’m pretty sure. Yep, see the link below. He charges $50 but you get a whole hour! He has tons of free content on the home page, he posts YouTube videos like every week, does Q&A sessions. Also has a mailing list to remind you when he posts stuff. He also was on the RecordingReview site many of us came from, and I think he was on IRD too (Audio~Geek) but I don’t see him on here anymore. He’s a good guy, very knowledgeable and helpful. I’d recommend checking out his free stuff and watch his videos. Then you’d probably know if you’d like to work with him.


Ha, just for grins, here’s the criteria to be a DAW teacher on that site:


Thinking you might like to teach for HomeStudioLessons.com? That’s great! Fill out the form below. Have any questions? Email us at teachers@homestudiolessons.com

  • Do you have dependable high speed internet?*
  • Do you have a fast, dependable, working computer?*
  • You’ll be able to set your own schedule, but can you commit to showing up to lessons on time?*
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Your thread caught my attention because of the title. This is why.

Here’s another one: https://www.1on1mixing.com/

Not nearly as reasonable as yours, just throwing out another option. He is one of the guys who does the Kush Audio podcast called “Happy Funtime Hour”. There are a lot of options out there.

If you can do something like this though, I think it’s a great idea - especially if you find someone who specializes in your DAW.

Its real hard to deal with. Warren Huart still hasn’t figured out an ideal way to mange it and I pretty much gave up. The one guy I tried it with I ended up refunding his deposit and not charging him for the lesson.

I think its a lot easier to teach to audio production than it is to teach someone how to play an instrument. Its just easier (for me anyway) to explain how to click buttons on a computer than how to move your fingers to press keys on a piano.

I would find some studios locally if you like their work, and just ask them if they offer lessons and training on production and mixing.

…ps - I’ve gotten to know Chris Graham (the guy who created that home studio lessons site) fairly well over the last few months. He’s a cool guy!!

I do both already.

I think that the hardest part to get around would actually be that they aren’t hearing the same thing you are. Different monitors and room… maybe if you were to both listen back on the same headphones it could work. And yeah it’s a little pricey…

I am getting a song mastered from Chris Graham (that’s what led me to watch his YouTube videos, and led me to that site I linked,) and it came with free mix advice. Surprisingly helpful… I learned that (for some reason) REAPER was rendering my track with a little pop at the beginning that I didn’t notice because I wasn’t looking for it. I still can’t figure out how to get it to not do that… And following his EQ advice got my vocal sounding a little more natural, and also pointed out that I had too much sub frequency stuff going in, and it led me to realize that you’re supposed to HPF the kick and bass. And he said that if my snare hits were spiking the volume as they were, it would make it harder to make it loud without pumping from the compressor. Anyway I think it’s my best mix yet. Good stuff!

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Cool - Glad that it’s working out for you. I had a good experience getting my album mastered by him too - provided I can afford it, I’ll definitely be going back.

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That is the main reason to use an ME in my opinion. If the service doesn’t come wth advice and consultation, it’s not mastering.

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