Width in a mix- Is it important to you? How do you get your mixes wide?

Width in a mix- Is it important to you? How do you get your mixes wide?


I feel so dirty now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You do realize that this forum’s software is designed to show random older threads at the bottom of the page, right? In my not so humble opinion, this is a great idea. There have been quite a few threads that I missed the first time around. Personally, I find nothing wrong with replying to an old thread, ESPECIALLY if the discussion is relevant.


I do now.

Yeah, I said the same thing myself. Is there a problem?


You said in the quote above that you didn’t think it was particularly cool so you really didn’t say the same thing. THAT is the problem.


You’re a mod, right? Surely you know the difference between a post and a thread?

What I said was:

That person may have moved on, may think you’re some kind of weirdo replying to them two years later, may have a completely different opinion by now, or may even be dead. Sure, contribute to the thread, but replying to specific posts that are two years old is not such a good idea. In my opinion.


Yes I am a mod. In this context, I see your point about post vs. thread, however, with there being more than one reply buttons on the screen, it’s easy to just click the first reply button you see without regard (or without even realizing they are different) to whether it’s the thread or post reply button. In my opinion, this is likely what happened.


Ah, good, so this:

Is a false accusation, yes?


O AJ… sometimes you are just SO argumentative!
:sunglasses: But yeah, I did hear you on that re-opening the thread in such a manner…


Oh… I just realised that mixermans comment has gone now and there is only Danny’s reply… curious…
maybe I imagined it all… a curious sequence of events…


I like to keep you entertained Emma.


Not really. I conceded that I saw your point and you’re still being argumentative. Go ahead and get your last word in.


I will have the last word.


O that is so very immature of you!


Can someone find a pic of a MOD in the 60s and a MOD in the 2010s?



Here yah go:
Mod in the 60s:

Mod in the 2010s


Handy life hack:

If you want to do a quick Pete Townshend impression, look at your reflection in the back of a spoon.


Wow, I didn’t know Tywin Lannister was in The Who!



That’s at least two guys who know what it’s like to be behind blue eyes.