Why do your songs suck?

Why do your songs suck?


I agree with you about your songwriting skills. I’ve been a fan of your stuff for quite some time now man! :slight_smile:


When you add a certain amount of self-delusion and narcissism, couple that with a lack of proper musical training, all kinds of fun situations arise :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the music scene here is so thin that it is “slim pickins” in the real sense of the word.

@LazyE I realized that I just have too much musical material that I want to record and finish, if I were to nitpick every production decision, I won’t get any songs written. My main problem is that I have to switch hats from musician to engineer all the time and after a certain song is written there is little patience to spend as much time on the mix on it. I burn out quick nowadays. On this next album I am using a studio and let the engineer sort it. It might be liberating for a change to get someone else to worry about the sonics so I can just play. It could end up a disaster…but it’s only money, right?


Haha, thanks. I have a fan! Lol
I wish i could find time get my new stuff recorded but at the moment i only go in my studio when i need to chase a 3 year old out for bashing my guitars! :see_no_evil: