When you can't stand your own music

When you can't stand your own music


Yes, add to that the famous “new song idea” that just pops up whilst you are in the middle of recording something. Perhaps you changed your guitar strings and are tuning them and you play that golden riff while you were checking the strings and there you have it, an even “BETTER” song to work on.


Cool thanks Steve! As I said in the other thread about the album release, if anyone here at IRD wants a free download copy of the album, just hit me up via PM and I’ll send you a link… or if you’re a modern streaming type, the album is available on all the Streaming services - Spotify, Pandora, YouTube etc etc - just search “Fytakyte”

This is why producers exist. Their job is to help the artist sort the great songs from the good ones and get them done in a timely manner, before the artist tires of them. If there is also a recording engineer, they take the technical load, so that eases another burden that can tire the artist.


Yep, I find production pretty easy when I’m working with an engineer.


Yeah for sure, but at home as a hobby player that isn’t really an option for me. I worked with an engineer a few times and it was great to just focus on performance. Hopefully it’ll happen again some time!